Test Round – Results and next steps leading to DFR4

Author: jan Published: March 15, 2024

Deep Funding successfully completed the Test Round, featuring our new, in-house built, Proposal Portal. Out of 15 whitelisted projects, 9 were awarded $265,000 in AGIX in total.

Please find all results in this sheet: The projects marked in green are the ones that have been awarded: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/19tphn_cggOHyCeaZx2HMWZLsWM4jGO9cO2uboHRebao/edit#gid=0 

In the retrospective, all participants were quite positive about their experience. Still, we have collected valuable input to improve the experience for all participants in the upcoming Deep Funding Round 4. 

Some things we already improved during the test round, such as better formatting options of the proposal text fields and the option to format and edit one’s comments. Other improvements coming out of the Test round include the option for a proposer to give a single feedback message to a review and for a contributor to adjust their review after it has been submitted. These, and many other smaller improvements will make DFR4 a better experience thanks to the Test teams in this round.

There is also some planned work being done. We are building a sophisticated notification system. This will inform the proposer and commenters about different types of notifications and messages, both on the portal and by mail. This way we can keep the dialogs in the system alive, engaging, and easy to follow.

Other planned updates we hope to complete before DFR4 are

  • Scheduled round-phases and automated counters and messaging on the portal
  • A better-structured description of AI services developed in a project, including purpose, input, and output. 
  • A web3 login that will capture the Wallet Linking Tool’s collection ID. 
  • Some additional fields, enabling the proposer to showcase reference cases and USPs on their team.
  • An updated, better scaleable navigation
  • Many smaller cosmetic improvements.
  • Etc. 

All this will take some time to complete, and the starting date of Deep Funding Round 4 depends on these desired changes. We want to give everybody in DFR4 a great experience!

At the same time, we are working on backend automation to make our operations more robust and predictable. As we improve our tools and processes we will also be better positioned to schedule rounds more predictably and further in advance.

Congratulations to all the winning teams! And our deep gratitude to everyone who contributed, either as a proposer or as an interested community member. You have all helped us a lot in making Deep Funding better, and we are looking forward to seeing the results of this in the upcoming DFR4. (Dates will be communicated when known).

Last shoutout to our Marketing Circle which has just released the very first Deep Funding ‘Deep Dive’ newsletter, including more details on the winning teams in the Test round.
Many thanks to the marketing team and ALL other circle members who make Deep Funding possible! 

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