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Author: jan Published: March 30, 2023

Dear community,

We are very excited to share what many of you have been waiting for:
The results of the second round of Deep Funding!

While this is only the second round of Deep Funding, we are already seeing a lot of progress and a lot of innovation taking place:

From the perspective of quantity:

  • The amount of submitted proposals has roughly doubled in size
  • This round we have counted 467 individuals (wallet collection ID’s) representing a total of 611 wallets, against 158 distinct wallets in the first round
  • The total available amount is lower than in round 1, but we still count 17 awarded projects, against 12 in Round 1 

From perspective of innovation:
This is the first time that our voting portal is supporting both AGIX on Cardano and AGIX on Ethereum. We created a nifty wallet linking tool that we expect to be using more often for activities like this. Furthermore, following the successful experiment on our (first) Governance round, we now introduced Quadratic voting, and Reputation-based voting weights in the Deep Funding round. We also introduced a number of new pools partly as an outcome of the preceding Governance round. 
Last but not least, on the organizational front we have successfully implemented a community-driven eligibility assessment and a first ‘peer review’ recommendation process, conducted by the awarded teams from round 2.
And this list is not even exhaustive!

We are very proud of what we achieved so far and immensely grateful to all community members that engaged with us and with the proposing teams during the past weeks and months. To all community members that took the time and trouble to review the proposals and give valuable feedback, to the group that stood up and helped us to assess the proposals based on our formal conditions, to the Awarded teams from round one that volunteered to help with our recommendation experiment, and last but not least, to all community members that took the trouble to connect their wallets and give their votes. We owe all of you a BIG THANK YOU!

Of course, we will compensate our most active community members based on the reputation points they collected during this round with some AGIX. More details on this will follow later as we will deep dive into the results of this round and share our analysis of the process. 

Below, find the list of all teams that have been awarded with their requested amount. 
More details on the results and the scores of all participating projects can be found in this list.

In case you have submitted a proposal but do not find yourself back on the list of awarded projects, please don’t take it too hard. We appreciate all proposals, including the ones that didn’t make it. As mentioned above, this round we doubled the number of proposals with only half the budget available, so it is clear that not all good proposals could be awarded. Please feel free to try it again in the next round with a different or adapted proposal.  We are looking forward to seeing you again next time!

Pool A – New projects

Title: Integration of Mainstream Open-Source AIs
Proposer: Eric Duneau
Awarded amount: $39,500
Short description: We will build a SingularityNet service that will make it easier for developers to use ready-made popular open-source AI libraries in their projects. The service will provide clean, documented APIs and full virtualization (using Docker) of these AIs, allowing developers to easily access and integrate them in their apps.
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Title: SIBYL: The General-Purpose Forecaster
Proposer: Kevin R.C.
Awarded amount: $84,000
Short description: SIBYL is an AutoML service and research tool that produces personalized forecasts on various time-series data, regardless of scientific or industry domain. All users need to do is input the raw data. Applications are boundless, including but not limited to financial/crypto market flows, sales demand/usage, energy/weather, sensors/satellites, computer/blockchain networks, and bioinformatics.
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Title: Automated HuggingFace to SNET Pipeline
Proposer: Soubir Acharya
Awarded amount: $75,000
Short description: HuggingFace is where a lot of AI models and applications live today. We propose a UI-driven fully automated conversion of these applications and models to SingularityNet services. AI developers can transition from a limited Dev experience to production-ready Web3-enabled AI service that they can share with the world and get paid for. 
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Title: Connecting SingularityNET to DataUnion.app
Proposer: Robin Lehmann
Awarded amount: $75,000
Short description: DataUnion.app is building DataUnions-as-a-service for AI-ready data and co-owned insights. As we are expanding the number of DataUnions building with our technology stack, we are looking to integrate with AI marketplaces to monetize the AI created on top of their data. SingularityNET is THE decentralized AI marketplace so an integration is a must. 
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Pool B – Existing AI Services

Title: Onboard NeuralProphet: a hybrid time-series forecasting library
Proposer: Kevin R.C.
Awarded amount: $14,000
Short description: NeuralProphet is an open-sourced time-series forecasting library. It is a hybrid general additive model that combines the simplicity and usability of Facebook’s Prophet with the performance and flexibility of a neural network. As of date, NP has reached 1.2 million+ downloads and 2,700+ GitHub stars.
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Title: GPT for sNET & Cardano
Proposer: Singularity Swarm
Awarded amount: $15,000
Short description: This proposal outlines the integration of open.ai – ChatGPT with Discord to improve the accuracy and relevance of the model’s responses on Cardano and SingularityNET-related topics. By using Discord chats to train the model, we aim to create a ChatGPT that is a mastermind on all things related to Cardano and SingularityNET, making it a valuable resource for the community.”
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Title: Computer vision based farm status and recommender system
Proposer: Ubio Obu
Awarded amount: $20,000
Short description: Most ML/AI solutions developed for analyzing farms only end up being used by large farms that have the ability to purchase large technologies that are needed to operate these models. Our solution makes the farm status and recommendation system easily available to all farmers, developers, etc who need it without the need for sophisticated tools. 
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Title: Upgrade of the Stable Diffusion service
Proposer: Eric Duneau
Awarded amount: $13,500
Short description: This is a proposal for improving the existing service Neural Image Generation. The existing service is offering an access to the Stable Diffusion and mini-DallE open-source AIs, but comes with some severe limitations for use by a developer. I propose to improve the capabilities of the service so that it becomes easy to integrate via API, and so that it could compete against similar services currently offered by competitive solutions.
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Title: Knowledge-Based Question Answering System
Proposer: Mukhtar A.Algezoli
Awarded amount: $20,000
Short description: This service is an extension to an already running service on Enigma AI platform (https://platform.enigma-ai.com/), It is intended to work as a knowledge-based question-answering system. The cost of running this service is still too high to be opened to small and medium businesses but it could be optimized using a new technology called Adapters which will significantly lower operation costs and make it suitable to work as an add-on in other platforms or websites.
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Pool C – Projects in the ideation phase

Title: Community based mentorship
Proposer: Harry Hellyer
Awarded amount: $2,400
Short description: Community members have a range of skills and experiences. The idea of this proposal is to design a model on how to build a community accelerator that includes members that are experts in various areas (i.e. AI, Strategy, fundraising…) and that could help funded projects in scaling to the next level. In the next fund, this model could be implemented to support Deep funding projects in various stages and improve the success ratio.   
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Pool D – Marketing initiatives

Title: Developer Relations Campaign for SingularityNET
Proposer: Anthony Olik
Awarded amount: $5,000
Short description: This marketing proposal outlines a structured developer relations campaign for SingularityNET across popular social platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, Discord, etc. The proposed activities include writing and publishing technical articles and tutorials, improving and maintaining a dedicated developer community helpline, providing personalized support and guidance, and continuously updating and improving existing documentation and resources.
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Title: Improve Deep Funding Social Media & Publicity
Proposer: Mauro Andreoli
Awarded amount: $4,300
Short description: We want to improve the content, accounts, marketing, and publicity of the Deep Funding process by attracting new members to the community. Our goal will be to create original content to spread the values, mission, vision, and opportunities we are pursuing, as well as news about deadlines, projects, progress, and teams.
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Title: SNET 360 events at the universities
Proposer: Cardano2VN
Awarded amount: $9,890
Short description: We will deliver workshops (both online and onsite) to universities.
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Title: Building Community Town Halls
Proposer: Singularity Swarm
Awarded amount: $4,000
Short description: Singularity Swarm is a virtual community hub for the SingularityNET community, to have a common platform for communication and engagement. The project aims to allocate resources in establishing a DeepFunding Town Hall which empowers and engages the SingularityNet Community and Ecosystem. 
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Pool E – Tooling

Title: Community Contribution Scores
Proposer: William Thistleton
Awarded amount: $37,472
Short description: We support the processes around Deep Funding by developing a Contribution Score and community engagement process for users of SingularityNET. These scores are also known as Reputation Scores. In this Round 2 – Pool E: Tooling proposal we also establish the groundwork for creating a more general tool to benefit other organizations and make a user’s contribution score heritable across multiple platforms.
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Title: Acquiring insight by using ML and a Jupyter notebook with direct access to Blockchain data.
Proposer: Federico Weill
Awarded amount: $25,000
Short description: We will develop a cloud-based Jupyter Notebook that is connected to the Cardano blockchain for the purpose of AI and Machine Learning. This cloud-based Jupyter Notebook will allow researchers and developers to work with the Cardano blockchain without needing to install a node or any other service to query the blockchain. 
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Title: Agreement Building Platform
Proposer: Aharon Porath
Awarded amount: $5,000
Short description: Consenz is an agreements building platform that allows large number of participants to take an active part in discussions and document editing.
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That’s it. We are very happy to welcome these projects and their teams to our family of awarded teams!

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