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Author: jan Published: December 31, 2023

There is a lot of business literature that stresses the importance for organizations of having and communicating a ‘purpose’. It appears that for a globally distributed organization that aims to nourish and cultivate diversity, having a shared purpose that aligns and unifies goals and objectives is even more important. 

This article outlines the main purpose of Deep Funding as well as the derived goals and objectives as they are today. In this document, we have defined these goals and objectives in a specific hierarchy. We foresee that the main purpose will be valid until that purpose has been achieved. The two main goals are also deeply engrained in the Deep Funding Program but might still be tweaked or appended over longer periods of time. The derived objectives, on the other hand, may more easily change due to developments in the AI ecosystem and wider environment and new insights on what is most needed to achieve our goals. 

Our purpose; creating a Beneficial AGI

The main purpose of Deep Funding is the same as that of SinguilarityNET Foundation; Driving the development of a democratic, inclusive Beneficial Artificial General Intelligence. A high Intelligence that aims to improve the well-being of all people, all other living creatures, and the universe that we share.  

Our first strategic goal: Help grow the decentralized AI platform

While there are different ways to support the purpose stated above, the goal of Deep Funding is to help the decentralized AI platform grow and evolve. An important addition is that we want to make the platform open and accessible to all, removing as many hurdles as possible.
We can achieve this by increasing both the quantity and quality of AI services, getting greater adaptation, and removing any friction or hurdles to providing, accessing, and using the services, (unless they conflict with the general purpose). This way we aim to make beneficial AI R&D accessible to everybody, everywhere which, we believe, will support our purpose. 

Our second strategic goal: Creating a community of builders. 

This goal is less prescriptive for individual Deep Funding proposals, but dedicated to the program as a whole, and therefore perhaps communicated less prominently. The goal of Deep Funding is to become a community where people will ideate, build, as well as educate, and support each other in the creation and utility of AI services on and around the decentralized AI platform. We aim for this community to be inclusive and supportive, enabling everyone to contribute to the goals using their unique capabilities and experience. While the funding stream is and will remain a catalyst for development, we aim for Deep Funding to be more than ‘just’ a way to distribute grants to promising projects. Deep funding in a matured state, should -theoretically- be able to thrive even without this funding source, based on an active and supportive community with a shared purpose, a wealth of information, and supporting tools. 

Derived Objectives

Based on our purpose and the 2 main goals we can identify a number of smaller objectives such as (in random order)

Proposal feedback and rating
As the program is growing, it is becoming harder for any person to assess all proposals. Therefore it is important to offer ways to identify and zoom in on ‘the best’ proposals, even if ‘best’ may mean different things for different people at different moments in time. There is a whole range of things we can do and we are already experimenting with a number of them. Having the ‘best’ proposals surface and develop will be an ongoing challenge that will require a host of simple and sophisticated measures.

Growing the community
Attract new teams and individuals as proposers or community members and make their onboarding easy and enjoyable. Develop outreach to relevant communities and educate people on the vision and characteristics of Deep Funding.

Facilitate effective communication
Offer easy and relevant communication options among participants. Where ‘relevant’ can mean different things in different contexts, ranging from social needs to targeted technical, functional, or ethical discussions.

Exchange of resources/tasks and skills
Offer a (market)place where teams can ask the community to help with certain tasks, or where participants can offer their expertise. This can range from a single unpaid consult to becoming a full-time team member. 

Knowledge sharing and education
We can offer ways to familiarize new members with the basic elements of our platform and AI in general. We can offer more seasoned participants ways to share new insights and discoveries. One way to incentivize people to share their ideas is by methodically recognizing and visualizing their contributions. This will help feed their accomplishments to our reputation/contribution rating tools, and give visibility to the most active and most respected contributors. 

Reaching all these goals will be an ongoing journey until the purpose of creating a Beneficial AGI has been achieved. 

Practical details on how we plan to move forward on these goals in 2024 have been described in a separate set of documents:

In a next planned article, we will outline some of the topics we believe to be the ‘Hot Topics’ for 2024.
We are looking forward to discussing them with you in 2024 and beyond!


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