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DFR4 is here with $1.5M in rewards!

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With a 1M Dollars size, the pool for 'New projects' is by far the largest ever.
Take advantage of this opportunity and submit any project that utilizes our decentralized AI platform. Our proposal flow will guide you step by step through the submission process. Supported by our new notification system, we hope to see many interesting conversations appear on all project proposals.
Join us as a proposer or by giving valuable feedback, get rewarded in ASI, and earn an invite to become an expert reviewer!



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Who can Participate?

Everyone! There are no restrictions on participants.

Whether you are an individual or represent a multinational, we welcome your contributions as long as your project is aligned with the goals of Deep Funding: Building a Beneficial Artificial General Intelligence and growing our decentralized AI platform. We do not require any stake in your project, everything you develop is yours, including any revenues from API calls on the AI platform. Rewards are milestone-based and disbursed when our community Review Circle has approved a milestone. For more information visit our rules section

Rules & Guidelines

Our community

Deep Funding is a community-driven program. Our token holders will decide which of the submitted projects will be awarded.

Community involvement also means getting constructive feedback on your proposal. Discuss your ideas with the community and get new insights that will contribute to the success of your project. We will help you in getting even more exposure to your project by using our social media channels! 

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Awarded Projects

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes you can!

We hope to see many proposals for new AI services on our platform. But in the end, having projects that utilize these services is just as important. So if you are an app developer or creating a frontend solution that utilizes an AI service on our platform you can get funded too. 

Other options to apply for funding are:

  • Promotional initiatives that help grow our platform
  • By creating tooling or code that will help the platform itself to become better OR, that will enhance the DEEP funding process 


Available funding amounts may change per round and per pool. Please read the rules section for a detailed overview. 

We will ask all teams to add a credible cost breakdown to their proposal. In the end, you need to convince the community that your project is more worthy of getting funded for the desired amount than your competitors. Having a good cost-to-value ratio is an important factor in the evaluations.