Deep Funding’s Vision and the Power of Ecosystem Collaboration

Author: rafael Published: July 20, 2023

Dear Singularitarians,

We are thrilled to keep navigating on an incredible journey toward a decentralized, democratic, and inclusive Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) future. At Deep Funding, our mission has always been to foster innovation and support the growth of the AI services marketplace platform. Today, we are excited to share our vision for decentralization, the pivotal role of our community, and the invaluable collaboration with partners that will make this vision a reality.

Deep Funding’s Vision Towards Decentralization

Deep Funding was founded on the belief that AGI’s potential can only be fully harnessed through decentralization. Our mission is to create a framework that empowers developers, researchers, and enthusiasts from every corner of the globe to contribute their skills and ideas toward building a better future. We envision an ecosystem free from fully centralized control, where AGI benefits all of humanity, not just the narrow interests of a select few.

To achieve decentralization, we have adopted a phased approach. By outsourcing some tasks to the community, we streamline processes and increase operational efficiency. This includes adapting a structure for proposing and monitoring tasks and empowering community members to actively contribute their skills and expertise.

The Importance of Community in Our Decentralization Process

Our community has always been the heart and soul of Deep Funding. We firmly believe that decentralization can only be achieved with active community participation. Your expertise, passion, and ideas are what drive our vision forward. To this end, we have initiated the Governance calls, giving our community a voice to ideate, propose, and vote on changes and solutions to the Deep Funding Program.

Inclusivity is at the core of our values, and that’s why project proposals awarded with grants to develop and onboard on the SNET AI platform are not selected by a centralized DF team. Instead, they are voted on by the community, ensuring that decisions are reflective of the collective vision and benefit the entire ecosystem.

The Structure of Our Phased Approach to Decentralization

To achieve a smooth transition to decentralization, we have adopted a 2-phase approach. In our first phase, we are collaborating with Catalyst Swarm, a Network that has large expertise in the task and bounty-based operations, including the SNET’s Ambassador’s program. This collaboration empowers us to outsource some of our operational tasks to the community, streamlining processes, and increasing efficiency.

This initial pilot phase serves as a learning ground. It will help us establish best practices for the second and final phase when we will introduce an established and self-sustainable Task & Bounty space within the wider community. We value your feedback and engagement as we refine and evolve the system in alignment with our mission and vision.

The Value of Collaboration: Making Decentralization a Reality

Decentralization has to be built from both sides, from the initial founding entities as much as from the growing community. This required transition of power is a long-lasting way, raising challenges and discoveries and we believe that early focus on nurturing and building community capacity is crucial for the sustainable emergence of decentralized operations

By outsourcing first tasks through engaging structures and processes, we can focus on strategic and high-level initiatives that drive our vision forward. That’s why we value initiatives like Swarm, which share our commitment to community-driven innovation. This Initiative ideally is the beginning of a growing number of engagements that facilitate collaborations and interactions between the current DeepFunding administrative team and the community

We believe in fostering partnerships with diverse entities that align with our mission and values. Each collaboration brings unique insights and capabilities, helping us build a robust ecosystem that thrives on the collective wisdom and expertise of multiple partners.

In Conclusion

At Deep Funding, we are dedicated to making our AI Services Marketplace a reality, decentralizing the future where AGI benefits all of humanity. Our vision is powered by your ideas, passion, and involvement. Together, we are charting a course toward a transformative AGI ecosystem, and our partnership with Swarm is a significant step in this direction.

We are committed to multi-collaboration, fostering partnerships that strengthen our journey towards full decentralization. Together, let’s shape a future that is not controlled by a select few but driven by the collective wisdom of our diverse and talented community.

Let’s embrace the power of community, together!

The Deep Funding Team

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