DFR3 – Eligibility Review – Phase 1 Results

Author: rafael Published: September 6, 2023

Deep Funding Round 3 has wrapped up its proposal submission phase with remarkable success. This round saw an astounding 50% growth in applications compared to the previous round, totaling 136 project proposals. The New Projects Pool, a pivotal source for enriching our Decentralized AI Marketplace, welcomed an impressive 60% increase, receiving 50 innovative proposals. This surge in participation promises an exciting wave of innovation and onboarding for our marketplace in the months to come.

The next crucial stage involves the selection of eligible proposals for the SingularityNET Community to vote.

Behind the Scenes: The Eligibility Review Process

To ensure fairness and adherence to the Deep Funding Round 3 rules, we conducted the first phase of the Eligibility Review Process. This process was meticulously executed by selected community members who are deeply committed to the success and integrity of the Deep Funding initiative.

During the first week of the Stable period (from September 4 to September 10, 23:59 UTC), all project teams have the opportunity to make adjustments to their proposals. However, new proposals are not allowed during this time.

The September 11th week will be dedicated to the final eligibility assessment, which includes reviewing proposals not only deemed ineligible in the Flagging phase but also the ones that had previously met eligibility criteria but might have been altered during the adjustment window. Proposers are no longer able to modify their proposals at this or future stages, and ineligible proposals won’t advance to the voting period.

Evaluating Eligibility: The Criteria

Our eligibility review process scrutinizes each proposal for compliance with specific criteria found in the Rules and Guidance content:

  1. Budget Compliance: Proposals must have a budget request that is equal to or less than the total award amount for the pool they were submitted to.
  2. Pool Allocation Compliance: Proposals must be submitted to the appropriate pool. For instance, new project proposals must be placed in the New Projects Pool.
  3. Pool Conditions Compliance: All projects have to comply with general rules such as alignment with the SNET Mission and Vision. Additionally, each pool has its own specific conditions that proposals need to meet.
  4. Milestone Compliance: Proposals must include milestones with clear deliverables and cost breakdowns.
  5. Hosting/API/Onboarding Milestones: New Project proposals needed to have individual milestones for Hosting/API call expenses and onboarding procedures.

Common Issues and Solutions

During the current Eligibility Review phase, several common issues were identified, and it’s essential for all participants to be aware of these and address them accordingly:

  • The budget is too high
    • Your budget request has to be less or equal to the total awarded in the pool you submitted.
  • No budget request
    • Your project has to have a very clear total amount budget request with a breakdown per milestone.
  • Milestones are missing
    • All proposals have to have at least one milestone with deliverable specifications and cost breakdown. Not necessary to have a duration.
  • Hosting and/or API call milestone is missing
    • Your proposal, if in the New Projects Pool, must have a milestone “Hosting/API call Milestone” comprising at least 25% of your total budget to support your development and maintenance of these features.
  • Onboarding milestone is missing
    • Your proposal, if in the New Projects Pool, must have a milestone “Onboarding” comprising at least 10% of your total budget to support your onboarding procedure to our marketplace.
  • Milestone cost breakdown missing
    • Your proposal has to have a cost breakdown per milestone, as your team will be paid per milestone delivery.
  • Deep Funding/SNET resource usage
    • Your team must be responsible for executing and delivering milestones without direct support from SNET or DF personnel resources, unless previously in agreement.
  • Pool marketing budget exceeds $5,000
    • The milestones exceeding the stipulated value must be tied to measurable outcomes and performance-based, e.g.: references in the media, visits, downloads, forms submitted, services onboarded, marketing-related KPIs, etc.
  • Missing follow-up from Pool Ideation to Pool New Projects
    • Any project posted in Pool Ideation should have the unambiguous goal of submitting a proposal to Pool New Services in the next round. The defined project should be aligned with the conditions of Pool New Services, and publish or utilize a service on our platform.

Flagged Proposals

Out of the 136 proposals submitted, 38 have been flagged during this first eligibility review phase. These flags indicate issues in complying with Deep Funding Round 3 rules, and proposers will have the opportunity to make adjustments during the Stable period’s first week.

If proposer teams have concerns or believe there might be an error in the eligibility review process for their proposal, they are kindly requested to reach out to the Deep Funding team. For inquiries related to the review of your proposal, please don’t hesitate to send an email to: deepfunding@singularitynet.io

The flagged proposals are:

  • BridgingSpace Therapy.AI
  • Proposal for AI-Driven Cryptocurrency Intelligence: The Paal AI Initiative
  • CryptoFarmer – Sustainable Agriculture Pool and Startup Plan
  • Building SNET AI Community across China
  • Generative music editing tool
  • Gamification of Creator Economy, Driven by AI Chat Bot  
  • AI Agent For Hotel Management Systems: An Explorative Approach To Understanding The Hospitality Industry
  • MWW User-Friendly Secure Scheduling 
  • ConscienceLARP Live Action Role Playing Game
  • bandidoc.com – AI Business Assistant Mobile and Web App
  • AIverse – AI for Immersive Virtual Worlds
  • Customizable Code Assistant
  • NIM Framework | Framework for integrating AI services in Singularity Marketplace and bots in Matrix | Matrix Messenger
  • Founder & CEO
  • Catalyzing Knowledge and Wealth: Empowering Investment in the Crypto Revolution with Aegis
  • Deploying the TimeQuestions Dataset on Singularity NET
  • KataData, Synthetic Data Protocol 
  • World Models of Memory
  • AgroTechnology: empowering Food Security & Sovereignty with AI, Data Science, Precision Farming, Blockchain Tokenization, Smart Contracts, and R&D.
  • AI Blueprint: Translating Human Language to Automated Workflows
  • Composable AI from Appstorm@Zero2AI
  • DEMU – Music Licensing for Generative AI
  • Trust Yardstick
  • Singularitynet academy
  • Multilingual Captioner
  • The Singularity Project: Stories for the Next Stage of Evolution
  • Decentralized landing page designing service with AI-powered lead scoring
  • Empowering Changemakers with an Ethically-Aligned AI assistant
  • CureCoin A.I. Initiative
  • Drivepadi Technologies: Building Airbnb for Car Rentals in Africa
  • Train Ai for Africans
  • AI career guide
  • A-I-Panda & the Benevobots
  • Edify Organisational coaching programme – Metaverse Edition:
  • The DAM: Decentralized Autonomous Marketplace
  • Solving the onboarding issue
  • X-Combinator: The World’s Largest LLM AI Startup Incubator

If your proposal is ineligible, access our spreadsheet to understand what the issue with it to solve until September 10, 2023 (23:59 UTC). No changes or complaints will be accepted after this date.

Deep Funding Round 3 – Flagged Proposals List (Public)

Stay tuned for the next phase of Deep Funding Round 3, where the SingularityNET community and ecosystem will play a pivotal role in voting for the projects that will shape the future of our decentralized AI ecosystem. Together, we continue to push the boundaries of innovation and decentralization.


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