DFR3 – Launching Deep Funding Round 3

Author: rafael Published: August 1, 2023

Innovators and visionaries welcome to the latest installment of the Deep Funding Grants Program – the ultimate launchpad for AI greatness! Deep Funding Round 3 is a thrilling opportunity for AI enthusiasts and developers to secure funding for their groundbreaking projects.

This time, we’re raising the stakes and investing even more in the future of AI with a staggering total award of $1,530,000! This is our commitment to pushing the boundaries of AI and accelerating SingularityNET’s decentralization mission.

Go to our Round 3 Rules portal if you wanna read the complete changes and guidelines.

What’s New?

At Deep Funding, we are continuously evolving to ensure the best experience for our participants. In Round 3, we’ve introduced some exciting changes to make the process smoother and more rewarding than ever before. A lot has changed since the last Round, but we cover your back with the main ones below:

Milestone Payments: Gone are the days of pre-payment formats! In Round 3, we’re switching to after-deliverable payments. What does that mean for you? You’ll receive payments after successfully delivering the agreed milestone outcomes.

Hosting/API Call Usage: You asked, and we listened! 25% of awarded amounts will still be reserved for hosting or API calls, keeping things smooth and efficient. But here’s the new part – during development, you can now utilize up to 40% of the total Hosting/API call budget! The rest, a cool 60%, remains earmarked for after-onboarding.

Community Participation: Calling all interested people! Join our incredible journey of collaboration and brilliance. Beyond commenting and voting on proposals, by being selected, you now have the chance to be part of Peer Reviews, Eligibility Reviews, Milestone Reviews, and managing Surveys from the Awarded Teams. Your participation will be rewarded and it is crucial as we shape the future of SingularityNET together!

Exciting Pool SNET Request for Proposal:  Brace yourselves for the most exhilarating addition to Round 3 – Pool ‘SNET Request for Proposal.’ This pool invites you to collaborate with SingularityNET’s tech team on specific platform features! Imagine the thrill of shaping the future of AI alongside our expert team. This is your opportunity to be a part of something extraordinary and make your mark on the AI revolution. 

Pools and Awards

We’ve crafted five fantastic pools to cater to the diverse range of AI projects and ideas:

Pool New Projects: With a jaw-dropping total award of $750,000, this pool is where existing and groundbreaking AI services or projects can flourish. Show us your magic, and let’s drive SingularityNET’s platform growth together!

Pool Ideation: Got a brilliant AI idea brewing? This pool, with a generous total award of $50,000, gives you visibility, feedback, and targeted support to build a compelling proposal for future funding rounds in the New Projects pool. Your vision could be the spark that ignites the next AI revolution!

Pool Marketing: In this pool, boasting a total grant of $50,000, we’re looking for marketing mavens to showcase our grant’s program brilliance to the world. If you have innovative marketing initiatives that can make a lasting impact on Deep Funding, we want to hear from you!

Pool Tooling: Innovation knows no bounds in this pool, which offers a total award of $150,000. Propose novel solutions and tools that will elevate the platform’s or Deep Funding functionality and efficiency – your creativity is the fuel of progress!

Pool SNET Request for Proposal: The most thrilling addition to Round 3! With a massive award of $530,000, this pool is where you can collaborate with SingularityNET’s tech team on specific platform features.

See more info and the complete list of open RFPs here.

Proposing: How does it Work?

Proposing a project for Deep Funding Round 3 is an exciting and straightforward process that allows you to showcase your innovative ideas and contribute to the growth of the SingularityNET ecosystem. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to make your project proposal:

  1. Visit the Proposals Portal: Head over to the official Deep Funding Round 3 Proposals Portal. This portal is the platform where you can submit and browse project proposals, as well as engage with the proposers and SingularityNET community.
  2. Explore the Pools: Take some time to review the different pools available in Round 3 and choose the one that best aligns with your project idea. Each pool has specific criteria and funding amounts, so make sure your proposal fits the requirements of the selected pool.
  3. Prepare Your Proposal: Assemble all the necessary information to create a compelling project proposal. Make sure to include the following essential details:
  • A concise summary of your project idea.
  • The total funding amount you are requesting for the project.
  • A detailed description of your project and team, showcasing your expertise and alignment with SingularityNET’s mission.
  • A milestone plan with associated costs, outlining the deliverables you will achieve at each stage of the project.
  • Clear and achievable goals that demonstrate how your project will benefit the SingularityNET platform and its users.

Once your proposal is ready, navigate to the appropriate pool in the Proposals Portal and click on the “Submit Proposal” button. Follow the instructions to fill in the necessary information and upload your proposal. Ensure that your submission adheres to the guidelines and conditions of the selected pool.

After submitting your proposal, engage with the SingularityNET community on the portal. Answer questions, address feedback, and discuss your project with other community members. Active engagement can help you refine your proposal and gain support from the community.

Timeline for this Round

Deep Funding Round 3 follows a well-structured timeline:

Opening of the Round – 03 August to 03 September 2023
The excitement begins as the submission period opens, and new proposals flood in. This is your chance to step into the spotlight and present your AI vision to the world. This is the link to our innovative Web3 submission portal!

Stable Period – 04 to 24 September 2023
Once all proposals are submitted, they undergo review, and changes are no longer possible. This phase includes peer reviews and eligibility checks to ensure a fair and transparent process.

Voting Preparation – 25 September  to 01 October 2023

As we near the next phase, the community gets ready to cast their votes. Each participant’s reputation points from previous rounds and the current round determine the weight of their vote.

Voting Execution – 02 to 08 October 2023
The moment of truth arrives – the community votes and selects the winning projects. This democratic process ensures that the projects with the most support and potential are chosen.

Award Announcement – 20 October 2023
The winners are celebrated, and the development phase kicks off with the assurance of funding and support.

Join the AI Revolution Today!

Deep Funding Round 3 is the chance to shape the future of AI and make your mark in the world of SingularityNET. Embrace the challenge, unleash your creativity, and let’s create a brighter, smarter tomorrow, together. Dive into the excitement, submit your proposals, and engage in contributions to improve the results!

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