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Community members have a range of skills and experiences. The idea of this proposal is to design a model on how to build a community accelerator that includes members that are experts in various areas (i.e. AI, Strategy, fundraising…) and that could help funded projects in scaling to the next level. In the next fund, this model could be implemented to support Deep funding projects in various stages and improve the success ratio.
Our long term goal is to build an AI-powered educational (EduTech), platform and supporting organisations, that are geared to accelerating and embedding the deployment of best in class decentralised AI solutions - via the SingularityNET marketplace.

To undertake this endeavour we have outlined the minimum areas where core capabilities and expertise are required:

1) The ability to develop, build, market, fund, manage and scale an educational enterprise.

A core element of this is the development and delivery of the EduTech enterprise's product, market and channel strategy, and included here are three main elements:

Educational Elements

  • Content creation
  • Content packaging
  • Content delivery

Community Elements

  • Client and user awareness
  • Client engagement
  • Community build
  • Community management

System Elements

  • Organisation management
  • System support

2) The ability to successfully develop a pathway to integrate AI technologies into the development of the educational platform/enterprises

For this ideation proposal, we feel that it adds little value to describe these areas of AI application in any detail - other than to say that they can and are being used already to change the paradigm of education.

And it is the purpose of this proposal to leverage these potential AI interventions to create a next-generation - ‘society 5.0’ EduTech platform, from which different organisations can be ‘spun up’ to serve different use cases for different user bases: such as the provision of consultancy services for organisations wishing to build or engage AI expertise; right through to Individuals, for example, in the continent of Africa who have the ability and desire to become AI app developers, but currently have no access to enable them to reach their potential in this area.


Proposal Description

Compnay Name

Edify CoLabs

Service Details

Input from our collaboration partners - as described below

Our envisioned solution

Workshops to build a roadmap for success

To undertake a series of workshops to pool expertise and research from the relevant subject matter experts, in order to define and refine a roadmap for the development of business model use cases with supporting AI, technical, operational, financial, and strategic, considerations as required. 

With the aim of scoping the first iteration of our AI-powered EduTech support platform, including specific areas and types of AI provision - which can then be submitted as a proposal for consideration in Pool A of DeepFund three.

Strawman of our EduTech organisational and market development roadmap

To undertake a series of workshops to produce a development pathway for forming the relevant EduTech organisations and their associated markets in order to allow rapid development of full service business support for AI-trained teams and businesses.

Our initial thoughts on this roadmap include:

Phase 1

The SingularityNET University - Post Graduate and Business school level

Organisation: Coaching, Consultancy and Mentoring business for Disruptive Emerging Technologies

Product: taking our existing coaching, consultancy and mentoring (CCM), service offering - which is mainly business and investor acquisition focussed. And augmenting it to include AI and Technology streams - so becoming a decentralised, full-service disruptor org for emerging technology and business.

Market Focus: Internal - AI developers in the SingularityNet community/marketplace

This is the organisation and market that will most likely form the basis of the AI-powered EduTech platform development proposition that will go into DF 3 Pool A

Phase 2

The SingularityNET Client Academy

Product: taking the organisational structure and approach from phase 1 and offering these full-service Consultancy, Coaching and Mentoring services to firms and organisations currently outside the SingularityNET marketplace.

Market Focus: External

1) Other consultancies wishing to develop capabilities in delivering AI focussed services to their own clients.

2) Other clients who wish to develop the capability to build AI-powered services as part of their operations or offering. This is similar to Emurgo in the Cardano cluster.

Phase 3

The SingularityNET - Decentralised UniversityUndergraduate level

Product: taking our emergent technology CCM offering - focussed on potential AI; business and investment devs; and delivering it via physical and online community hubs - such as through WADA and other community focussed Social Impact Organisations.

Market Focus: Learners capable of becoming AI devs and other Emergent technology and business specialists.

Phase 4

The SingularityNET University/Decentralised Innovation Smart Hub: builder business

Product: Taking our collective blueprint for an AI-powered EduTech platform organisation and contracting to build it for other organisations.

Market Focus: Organisations such as governments and universities wishing to build AI-powered EduTech organisations

Phase 5

Let's do that again in the Metaverse

Treating the metaverse concept either as a product/community space, as part of our product proposition or partnering with other metaverse providers - such. as GeniusU and their 'metaversity' platform environment, to deliver our propositions through their channel environments.

Partners: including, Catalyst - SWARM; Gimbal Labs; PricelessDAO; Fluid 7; BridgeBuilders WADA, Edify - Imperial College London Education Dept, Arcane Fools, plus other domain experts as appropriate.

‘Strawman’ of the product development roadmap for our AI-powered EduTech platform

To undertake the development pathway to get to our long term goal of an AI-powered EduTech platform that enables other professional organisations to serve their markets, e.g Social Impact Organisations such as our partners, WADA: and their network of Community Hubs across countries in the African Continent, that are geared to accelerating and embedding the deployment of best in class decentralised AI solutions. We are looking to build upon the expertise that is already available, both within Edify and its partner ecosystem, the SingularityNET community and other communities such as the Cardano Catalyst Innovation Hub, as appropriate, for each stage of the platform and organisational development.

Problem Description

How to develop build and then deploy a rapid, high-innovation strategy for producing an AI-powered educational platform and supporting organisations - that can provide the access to education for all: allowing learners to develop the skills, expertise and experience they require to fast-track the development of AI-based API’s and solutions. So accelerating and embedding the deployment of best in class decentralised AI-based services and solutions - via the SingularityNET marketplace. 

Solution Description

We believe that access to education - that liberates all of our brilliance, at whatever level, wherever we live, should be a basic human right. And so we want to build an educational platform that is fit for purpose for delivering Society 5.0 (GeniusU, One that delivers our content to support disruptive, decentralised, next-generation organisations, at scale. And we know that delivering this effectively will be massively enabled by AI - both in terms of content creation, delivery and distribution.


Initial Scope of Work for the project

Version 1 of potential solution brief $600

Notes from the meeting and project brief material for DF 3 proposition


Previous Progress

We have assets and capabilities available that include:

  • The ability to build and run an educational platform - as we already run successful coaching and consultancy businesses, both off-chain and on-chain.
  • High-quality content (IP), content packaging and delivery - as above we have a full programme of bespoke content around impact innovation for business-enterprise, and organisational growth, which again we are delivering to both off-chain and on-chain clients: both commercial, universities and other public sector organisations
  • The ability to create and manage communities of clients and users, both existing and potential - which we are undertaking both off-chain and as part of the Catalyst ecosystem
  • Edify is an investor in the next-generation educational services provider: GeniusU and its metaversity initiative. And so we have some appreciation of what could be achieved in this area.
  • The team has extensive experience of analysing and working with projects in Catalyst.
  • The extended Catalyst team has extensive experience in developing and running a Decentralised Innovation Smart Hub - Project Catalyst
  • Onboarding AI developer team analysis. We have done a Miro board analysing project Catalyst fund 1-7

    We have prepared a Catalyst onboarding form


    We also have a proposal for pool E which - focused specifically on mentorship for business strategy and investor readiness by experienced mentors. That proposal is stand-alone and ready to be delivered to SingularityNET community members now. The results of this proposal, if successful, will provide a proof of concept for the Phase 1 project content.

Needed Resources

We will need expert advice, input and potential partner development covering several key domain areas, including finance and investment, AI-focused technology and other emerging technologies - such as blockchain, business strategy, leadership, DAO formation and management, operations, web2 and web3 development.

Therefore we will need collaboration with SingularityNet and other partners as outlined above - and other partners as recommended and appropriated.

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Community Based Mentorship

13 February 2023
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    $2,400 USD

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    8 Mar 2024

Milestone 1 - Research and Analysis

😀 Completed

Research sessions with collaborators and compilation of the initial project scope



$600 USD

Link URL

Milestone 2 - Initial brainstorming sessions

😀 Completed

Two, 60-90 min sessions with the Deep Founding team and the community to discuss skills and resources needed to support the projects and potential project roadmap



$600 USD

Link URL

Milestone 3 - Focussed Proposition brain brainstorming sessions

😀 Completed

Review of results from initial sessions, and development of potential Project brief material for DF 3 Pool A Notes from the meeting and project brief material for DF 3 proposition



$600 USD

Link URL

Milestone 4 - Proposed model week

😀 Completed

Development of draft version of the pool A proposal for Deep Fund 3 Report



$600 USD

Link URL

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