DFR3 – Final Assessment: Eligibility Review – Final Results

Author: rafael Published: September 16, 2023

The Deep Funding Round 3 journey has been nothing short of successful! Following the eligibility review flagging phase, we’re thrilled to announce the results of our final assessment for eligibility. The numbers speak volumes: 120 out of 136 proposals have earned their spot in the next phase, marking an incredible 110% growth compared to Round 2. But it’s not just about quantity; it’s about criteria quality too when considering we had a much bigger percentage of proposals overcoming the eligibility review phase from the previous Round.

In Round 2, 57 out of 89 were eligible (64%) while in the current Round 3, 120 out of 136 proposals advanced to the next stage marking 88% of the total.

This round’s success has spilled over into other supportive initiatives, such as our community-driven Town Halls, boasting record-breaking attendance and Breakout Rooms registration. This is a testament to the growing strength of our SingularityNET community, and we couldn’t be prouder. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the dedicated proposers and their teams who poured countless hours into ideation, creation, and proposal submissions. You are the driving force behind our mission of Beneficial Artificial Intelligence, and your efforts are setting new standards.

The Eligibility Review Process

Behind these remarkable numbers lies a rigorous review process. Eight community members, thoughtfully distributed into three teams (business, technical, and coordinators), dedicated a combined total of over 300 hours (2.2 hours on average) meticulously reviewing – and double checking – each proposal, in the two phases. After the flagging one, Deep Funding took a coaching approach, guiding proposers through emails, Discord, online meetings, and Telegram consultations. The result? More than half of the initially flagged proposals (22 out of 38) successfully resolved their issues and became eligible.

Evaluating Eligibility: The Criteria

Our eligibility review process is rigorous and fair, focusing on key criteria outlined in the Rules and Guidance content:

  1. Budget Compliance: Proposals must have a budget request equal to or less than the total award amount for their respective pools.
  2. Pool Allocation Compliance: Proposals must be submitted to the appropriate pool, ensuring the right fit between the proposal and the pool.
  3. Pool Conditions Compliance: All projects must adhere to general rules aligning with the SNET Mission and Vision, in addition to pool-specific conditions.
  4. Milestone Compliance: Proposals must include milestones with clear deliverables and cost breakdowns.
  5. Hosting/API/Onboarding Milestones: New Project proposals were required to have individual milestones for Hosting/API call expenses and onboarding procedures.

What’s Going on Now

As we move forward, here’s what you can expect in the current phase:

Idea Fest

An exhilarating opportunity for all eligible proposers! Join us in presenting your DeepFunding proposals to the SingularityNET Community. To accommodate proposers from various time zones, we’ll be hosting two events:

1) Eastern Timezone: September 21, at 9 am UTC.

2) Western Timezone: September 21, at 7 pm UTC.

These online events on Zoom will be recorded, edited, and uploaded to the DeepFunding Portal and YouTube channel, ensuring your proposals receive maximum exposure to the SingularityNET Community and Deep Funding Round 3 voters.

For presenters:

– Each presenter will have 5 minutes to showcase their proposal.

– Screen sharing will be enabled, allowing you to prepare and share a slide deck for your presentations.

– If you have multiple proposals, you’ll have several presentation slots, each with a 5-minute presentation time.

Deadline for registration: September 19th at 11:55 UTC.

Sign Up now

Peer Reviews

Peer reviews are a valuable way for voters to gain insights from individuals with experience and expertise in running funded projects. While all feedback should be considered advisory and not definitive, it provides valuable perspectives. Proposals are divided among team members from past Deep Funding rounds who have demonstrated expertise and familiarity with the program’s purpose and nature.

The Peer Reviews will be released in the week of September 25th, the week preceding the Voting Period (2 until 8 October), giving voters plenty of time to access all the relevant information we are gathering for you.

To the Lists!

List of Eligible Proposals: These proposals are advancing to the voting stage. Congratulations!

List of Eligible Proposals

List of Ineligible Proposals: Unfortunately, some proposals didn’t meet the necessary criteria, and each includes a clear reason for this decision.

List of Ineligible Proposals

For those who didn’t make it this time, use this as an opportunity to learn and improve. We believe in your potential and would love to see you in Round 4. To support your growth, we’re offering individual feedback to help enhance your submissions next time.

In time: We are all humans and as such, even though we have had all the thoughtfulness and critical work to not make any error during this task, mistakes can still happen. If you REALLY believe a mistake happened to your proposal review process, please contact us via email: deepfunding@singularitynet.io.

Due to the peculiarities of Swae, some teams have offered adjustments that could not be adapted to the stored proposals anymore.
If awarded, we will ensure that these adjustments will be included on our WP portal and in the contract and milestones of the team(s):

Neuralprint: mind-based biometrics R&D – The team wasn’t flagged in the first eligibility review phase (only after the final result), but agreed to make the needed adjustments to the proposal.

The current platform does not allow us to contact proposers directly which is a large omission in such situations. We will ensure that our new platform will better guide the teams to comply with the rules but also enable the eligibility team to contact them directly in case of issues. For this round, supported by our community we have decided to accept the limitations of the current platform in favor of having this round active on a short term. It is possible that there are still teams we have not been able to reach due to the above reasons.

Thank you for being part of this incredible journey. Together, we’re pushing the boundaries of AI and making strides toward a brighter future.

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