Will I keep ownership of my solutions and IP when I get funded?

In a word: yes!
Our objective is to grow our decentralized platform. For most projects that are funded, there are no strings attached, and no ownership or IP needs to be transferred. 

If you are proposing for a larger amount (in round one that is from $40.000 - $150.000) we offer you the opportunity to add revenue/equity sharing to your proposal. The revenues of this participation will flow back into the Deep Funding wallet and will make the program even more sustainable and sizable when funded services on our platform become successful.
We created 4 easy to use templates for you that you can adapt according to your wishes. By using this option you can make your proposal more attractive to the community and compete on revenue sharing with other proposals that have a lower risk profile, a better business case or a more popular use case. For more details see: Revenue/equity sharing proposals