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Author: jan Published: October 31, 2023

Hello community!
After a thorough process, we have decided to continue with the reward calculations and distribution as advised by the Focus Group. 
See this article for the details:

Step 1:

Today we have conducted the first part of this, which is the distribution of rewards, as originally planned, without any deviations due to suspicious/undesired behavior.
The total amount to be rewarded is  $4000,-, This is based on the number of participants which was slightly lower than 200. As was predefined at the bottom of the rules page. Using the date of the 20th when the results were published this amounts to 24,398 AGIX to be distributed over 99 addresses. 

Using our new Customer Engagement Score tool we are able to distribute the rewards more evenly without the need for tiers, and with a distribution that does not reward a single contributor excessively. In the diagrams below you see a nice visualization of the calculated engagement scores and the reward distribution derived from that. 

The payments have been processed just prior to the publication of this article. If you want to check whether you were awarded. please review this file. We can only pay out users that have their Cardano addresses added. If you did have a sore above the threshold, but we don’t have your Cardano address, there is a ‘NO’ in column B. We have removed the Cardano addresses from everyone for privacy reasons.  

Step 2:

Since we are aware that some of our most loyal and valuable contributors have suffered from the undesired behavior of others, in terms of rewards, we have decided to do an additional manual assessment where we will reward a number of contributors who stand out from the rest. This is a subjective manual process, but we will have multiple people doing the same review and put contributors on the ‘bonus reward’ list that have been independently selected by multiple reviewers. Nevertheless; while the list does say something about the ones awarded, it has no meaning to the ones that weren’t, except that they didn’t stand out that much to the people doing the reviews. 

This work will be conducted by our invaluable review team, and they will be defining the details of the process. Should this process lead to a positive experience with value-adding results, we can consider keeping this as a regular step in our reputation/reward process.  If you would like to be part of this process, please write (quickly) to reviews@deepfunding.ai. We will take a bit of time to execute this process and will keep the community and the contributors posted on any new results. 
With this gesture, we hope to show our appreciation to our loyal contributors and motivate everyone to join the feedback process in the next round, not just for the rewards, but also for being part of a great community, that is doing important work!

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