Deep Funding – Introduction

SingularityNET is excited to announce that our Deep Funding program is around the corner, heralded by the launch of our new website including all rules, guidelines, and more. 

In the first round alone, we will be offering $1,000,000 of funding in AGIX to AI services and projects that help us grow our decentralized AI platform. All awards are made in Dollar value at the time of disbursement. This will happen in small steps on the completion of each deliverable that is defined by the teams themselves in their milestone planning.

This article on Deep Funding is targeted to all AI developers out there, with or without knowledge of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

SingularityNET’s Decentralised AI platform

The benefits of decentralisation

With these financial facts laid out, let's focus on the true value of Deep Funding and introduce you to our decentralized AI platform! 

Decentralization is a common term in the crypto space, meaning that there is not a central entity in control of an organization (like Bitcoin is governed by a community and is hosted and maintained on many computers around the world). This means there is no single point of attack and, just as importantly, that the product or service offered, is available for everyone that has minimal access to the technology (such as a working internet connection). 

These benefits of decentralization have been much discussed in the context of (crypto)currencies and financial services. Even more important, in the vision of SingularityNET, are independence and global accessibility of emerging Artificial General Intelligence. We believe in the merits and urgency of open development, democratic evaluation, and universal access to AI services over end-to-end governance by a central entity, whether this is a company, a country, or an institution.  

The AI Platform 

With this purpose, we have created our Decentralized AI Platform where everyone can host and monetize their AI service without sacrificing ownership - or even revenues! We work on a daily basis in developing the platform and our ecosystem towards a future of decentralized 

Artificial General Intelligence. We have defined 3 steps in this journey:

  1. Development of our decentralized AI platform and marketplace and seeding it with many usable AI services
  2. Launching AI-DSL (‘AI Domain-Specific Language’) that will enable these AI services to find each other and communicate, forming dynamic ad-hoc collaborations that are capable of much more complex tasks than any individual service would be. All of these services are paid in AGIX according to their delivered value with the help of blockchain technology.
  3. Development of our more deliberately orchestrated approach to AGI named OpenCog Hyperon. OpenCog Hyperon combines multiple AI strategies, like Machine Learning, Neuro symbolic reasoning, Evolutionary AI, and more, and connects them to our distributed knowledge space, the metagraph, using our own developed language MeTTa. This is a fundamentally different, more extensive approach to the development of A(G)I than most current methods that are mostly limited to some sort of Machine learning.
    OpenCog Hyperon is developed especially for a decentralized environment and will be launched on the AI platform and able to connect to all other (narrow) AI services out there (including yours!). 


As a separate step to the above, we recently published our (beta) whitepaper on HyperCycle. This is a groundbreaking, ‘ledger-less’ blockchain technology specialized to facilitate the extreme number of concurrent transactions we expect to see happening in the decentralized AI economy. HyperCycle builds upon the solid architecture of Cardano with its functional programming foundation and flexible and secure transaction technology.

Deep Funding

Back to Deep Funding. As you can see there is no lack of ambition in our projects! To speed up our journey we are launching our Deep Funding program to help you publish your AI service on the platform or to utilize services that are already on the platform. Having your service on the platform will enable you to reach a global audience and start earning money from the utilization of your service. If you are not experienced in the technology needed to set this up we will gladly help you to get you up and running. And if you have ideas and capabilities but you need some funding to get going, we will help you with that too!

We aim to complete +/- 4 funding rounds per year. The first round will feature a fund of $1,000,000 in AGIX separated into two ‘buckets’ of $500,000 each. 

  • The first part of 500,000 is reserved for projects with a maximum funding need of $40,000
  • The second part of 500,000 is reserved for a smaller number of projects with a maximum funding need of $150,000! 

There are only a few conditions for your project to enter.

  1. Your project should be supportive of the mission and vision of SingularityNET;  developing decentralized, democratic, inclusive, beneficial Artificial General Intelligence
  2. Your project should support the growth of the AI platform. Ideally by launching an attractive AI service on our platform, or by using a service already on our platform. 

Visit rules and guidelines for more information on how to submit your project proposal.

Our community

We at SingularityNET take pride in that loyal community of people that support our mission and vision of creating a decentralized, beneficial AGI. In fact, the funding of this initiative is a direct result of a community vote on our ‘phase 2’ paper that proposed the minting of new tokens of which 30% are allocated to Deep Funding! More than 90% of our community members voted in favor of this unorthodox proposal, giving us all the opportunity to develop our platform and our AGI at a much higher speed than would otherwise have been possible. And that includes this Deep Funding program that has the goal of speeding up the development of new services on our platform!

We believe in democracy and decentralized governance. In the proposal, we outlined that Deep Funding will be a community-driven program. This means that the community of token holders will not only give feedback to your proposal but will also ultimately decide which projects will be awarded, based on the principle of one token = one vote. This means that our community members are also supporters of the projects that get awarded. By submitting your proposal, you may not just get funded, but also get outreach to this special group of people that may become the ambassadors of your product!

The future

SingularityNET has a whole lineup of unique projects that each have the potential to change the world in their own way, and only some of them are mentioned above. With these projects, with our platform, with our community and with all project teams that will be joining us in Deep Funding, we are developing an ecosystem of organizations and people that operate with shared beliefs and practices. We are aiming for a global decentralised movement around SingularityNET that has the potential to create a better future for everyone. 

Will you join us?