Requirements for Eligibility

  1. Alignment with Mission: Proposals must support the growth of the decentralized AI platform and align with SingularityNET’s mission of developing a democratic, beneficial, and decentralized Artificial General Intelligence.
  2. Pool-Specific Requirements: Proposals must also adhere to the specific requirements of the pool they are submitted to and must be placed in the correct pool to be considered eligible.
  3. Ethical Standards: Proposers need to address how their projects handle ethical considerations, particularly for technologies that could have significant societal impacts, such as facial recognition. Proposals should outline measures to prevent misuse and promote beneficial outcomes.
  4. Financial and Legal Compliance: All proposers must provide, if awarded, a Cardano network address for disbursements in AGIX (It can be changed at DF’s discretion), and must agree to the legal terms and conditions of the grant by signing an agreement before any funds are released.
  5. Clear Project Details: Proposals should include a concise summary, the requested funding amount, a detailed description of the project, the team's qualifications, and a milestone plan with associated costs.
  6. Community Feedback and Participation: Funded teams must maintain communication with DF staff and the community, participate in surveys, and meetings, and provide project updates to ensure transparency and engagement.
  7. Self-Sufficiency in Deployment: Teams must independently execute project milestones without direct support from SingularityNET or Deep Funding personnel unless otherwise agreed.