Ideation Pool

Designed to support the preliminary stages of AI project development. This pool serves as a springboard for refining ideas and preparing them for more substantial funding rounds in the New Projects pool. Here are the key features of the Ideation Pool:

  • Purpose: To assist teams in developing their initial AI concepts into viable project proposals that are ready for more advanced stages of development and funding.
  • Benefits:
    • Visibility and Feedback: Proposers receive valuable community feedback.
    • Understanding Success Potential: A clearer perspective on the viability and potential impact of their idea.
    • Seed Funding: Offers preliminary funding to help proposers develop a comprehensive proposal.
    • Networking: Helps proposers connect with skilled individuals.
  • Eligibility and Expectations:
    • Projects must aim to evolve into a submission for the "New Projects" pool in subsequent funding rounds.
    • Submissions must result in tangible deliverables such as a detailed project backlog, technical architecture, a clickable prototype, and preliminary market research.
    • The projects should align with the conditions and objectives of the New Projects pool, demonstrating a clear pathway to publishing or utilizing an AI service on the platform.