Community-Driven RFPs

Designed to enable development teams to submit a proposal to a predefined specification, called Request for Proposal (RFP). You can select an RFP and create a proposal for that RFP. 

    • Purpose:  RFPs offer a targeted way to define desired project proposals. By making RFPs we are -to some extent- separating the definition process from the development process. 
  • Important: 
    •  Each RFP has very specific requirements and each proposal has to comply with all 'must have' requirements of the RFP. 
    •  The DF team will filter out proposals that do not comply with these requirements and, reserves the right to subjectively reject proposals/teams that offer low confidence in their capability to deliver.

Before preparing a proposal, ensure that you have carefully read the full text and conditions of the RFP. You can find all active RFPs at