Being Awarded

Eligibility Review Group

Not all proposals may progress to the voting phase if they do not meet the minimum eligibility criteria. This assessment and decision will be conducted by the community-formed Review Circle during the Review Period.

Community Expert Group

Another important group acting during the Review Period, the Community Expert—comprising top contributors and awarded teams’ representatives from previous rounds—will subjectively assess the quality of each eligible proposal. Their goal is to create a comprehensive report highlighting the top proposals, which will be shared with voters to inform their decisions.

Even though this is a subjective assessment, the expert reviewers will address the following parameters when reviewing the proposals for recommendation to voters:

  • Feasibility: Confidence level that the project is possible at all
  • Viability: Confidence in a successful outcome considering team, time, and budget
  • Desirability: Market fit - Balancing needs and benefits against competition
  • Usefulness: To what extent will the project help the AI platform grow?

The process includes reviewing 10-20 proposals and discussing and rating the best ones in a group session along with 2 or 3 other experts and it will be compensated with a fixed award of $200,- in AGIX/ASI.

You can show your interest in participating in this group by answering this form here.


  • Projects need a minimum average grade of 6.5;
  • At least 1% of total wallets must cast a vote for a project AND at least 1% of the balance, under a quadratic voting (see below) base;
  • The project must fit within its pool's remaining budget after higher-voted proposals are funded.
  • About voting:
    • Voting is done on SingularityNET’s Voting Portal.
    • Uses the square root of each wallet's token balance in a given moment to compute votes (Quadratic Voting).
    • Additional voting weight to wallets with high reputation scores, provided they are linked to the participant’s profile via the wallet linking tool ID.