Community incentives

An important and ongoing topic will be building the right incentives for the community to be active and constructive in the ecosystem. The role of the community is a crucial one. If we can incentivize the right people to give good and valuable feedback that alone could be a reason to submit a proposal! And of course, we want to make sure the ‘best’ proposals will surface and be awarded the funding they require.  For this, we need our community members to read and review the proposals that come in, rate them, help improve them and weed out any accidental or purposeful errors.  And, of course, finally to vote on them, so they get rewarded. This is a lot of work, especially if the Deep Funding program will grow over time in popularity and -hopefully- in funding resources. 

While some of the incentives may be immaterial (recognition, getting in touch with promising teams and cool ideas, learning), we will also apply some material rewards in the shape of AGIX tokens. A likely scenario is that people who contribute most will also get the highest reward.  But to define the details of this mechanism, and to build and improve it will require a decent amount of thinking, development, and testing. We intend to apply a "weighted liquid rank reputation" system that assigns weights to different tasks and criteria to build a dynamic reputation index that is fair and transparent and serves the stated goals. 

We have decided not to add rewards yet to this first round. This will give us a somewhat ‘neutral’ starting point to build on. But the activities done by our community members may well find their way into future versions of the reputation system, so the value created by those actions will (likely) not be lost. (nothing is certain, we may run into migration issues when switching system or discover that the actions we record are not representative somehow)