Development Roadmap of this platform

Community driven

Our product- and process roadmap is an integral part of the Deep Funding program, and there is much to tell. However, the most important thing about this is that the roadmap is not fixed. We want Deep Funding to be a genuinely community-driven program. his community involvement is about reviewing the projects and giving constructive feedback. But another critical part is about developing the best processes and tools to facilitate Deep Funding itself! 

We are here to learn together what works and doesn't work for Deep Funding and, in fact, community-driven governance in general! We will use or develop the tools we think we need,  and evaluate how they hold up in practice. Some of these feature requests may find their way into the program as a proposal for the community to vote on and/or be built by a community-led team!

Main goals

We want to develop good processes and tools to achieve the following main goals: 

  1. Getting a constant supply of decent/high quality and good fit proposals
  2. Having continuous & constructive community involvement
  3. Prepare for scalability in the event of growing popularity

This can be translated as creating a system with high usability, transparency, and automation.