Storytelling video: an Idol in realm of marketing

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Storytelling video: an Idol in realm of marketing

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A dedicated storytelling YouTube channel for Singularity (like our Whiteboard Cardano channel for Cardano), will transform the educational landscape by addressing the critical barriers that currently hinder understanding of AI concepts. Through engaging whiteboard videos, we simplify complex knowledge with stories, examples and analogies, making it accessible and appealing to a broad audience.

Proposal Description

Company Name (if applicable)

Whiteboard Cardano

How our project will contribute to the growth of the decentralized AI platform

Our YouTube channel will enhance the Singularity AI platform by breaking down complex AI concepts into engaging, easy-to-understand whiteboard videos. This approach will make AI more accessible, increasing comprehension and interest among a broad audience, thus expanding the platform's reach and fostering a well-informed community.

Measurable Goals


Describe your goals and related awards

Our marketing project's success relies on KPIs and community insights. We produce high-quality content, including short videos, to learn from user feedback and drive growth.

Production goals

  • Producing 9 long whiteboard video with the length is about 5 to 9 minutes 

  • Producing 26 short videos that is trimmed from the main video above with adding more image and text to post on social media

  • Producing 26 short videos that will be edited brand new with different layout in vertical mobile screen. 

  • 600 social posts in various platforms

Marketing performance goals

  • 10.000 views for main videos on various channels (youtube, X)

  • 30.000 views for short videos on various channels (youtube, X, tiktok) 

  • 1.000 new followers on X

  • 1.000 new followers on other platforms

  • 500 new subscription to the youtube channel

  • 100 new members to our community (Discord and Telegram)

Brand activity goals

  • Collaborate in 2 events with other projects on multiple chains.

Project details

Problem we will solve

The educational landscape for learning about the Singularity is fraught with critical barriers that deter widespread understanding and engagement. Most available resources are dense, text-heavy documents that require substantial time and effort to comprehend, while existing videos often lack compelling visuals and resort to dense textual explanations that mimic reading an article rather than watching an educational tool. Furthermore, many short videos are too brief, offering oversimplified snapshots that can lead to misunderstandings and disillusionment as learners delve deeper into the subject. These educational shortcomings create a high barrier for newcomers eager to learn about and engage with the concept of Singularity, stifling interest and hindering the growth of an informed community.

Our Positioning

For potential future members of the Singularity and Superintelligence Collective who are eager to contribute their time and resources to our community including developers, investors, end-users, our whiteboard storytelling videos are an ideal resource. 

Our videos transform complex subjects into high-quality visual narratives that are exceptionally easy to understand. 

Unlike dense, text-heavy documents that are hard and take a long time to understand. Or low-quality videos, especially short videos nowaday that some of them can lead to misunderstandings, our product utilizes engaging stories, relatable examples, and clear analogies to simplify intricate concepts. 

Additionally, the captivating visuals and narratives ensure that viewers are not only educated but thoroughly entertained. Our approach makes each video a unique learning experience that viewers, including your grandmother, will eagerly anticipate and cherish.

Our Secret Sauce of Success

Video content reigns supreme as the King, while storytelling ascends as the Queen. Together, we create an idol in the realm of marketing: storytelling video content. 

Consider the captivating allure of storytelling through whiteboard animation. It’s not just effective; it’s revolutionary in how it engages audiences. Our storytelling videos stand out as paragons of marketing excellence, transforming the abstract into the accessible and the complex into the compelling.

Secondly, our videos are meticulously crafted to demystify complex academic concepts. We weave knowledge into narratives, employing relatable examples and vivid analogies, making it simple enough that even those without prior knowledge, like your beloved grandmother, can grasp and appreciate the insights with ease.

Thirdly, while we continuously strive to enhance the visual quality of our videos, we currently ensure they are more than adequate, serving as effective educational tools. As we progress, our commitment to improving these visuals promises to transform them into future masterpieces. This dedication to quality ensures our content possesses enduring relevance and longevity, distinguishing it in a marketplace dominated by ephemeral and quickly forgotten short videos. Our strategy embraces both quality and brevity, ensuring that each video, whether detailed or concise, is crafted to be memorable and impactful. This balance not only educates but also establishes our videos as enduring benchmarks in marketing.

Together, these three pillars establish our video content as a true idol of marketing—educational, engaging, and visually exquisite.

Other Advantages 

Systematic Approach: Our videos are meticulously organized, not only presenting detailed knowledge within each video but also connecting these details systematically. This structure encourages continuous learning among viewers who discover our channel. Additionally, we categorize these videos into playlists on YouTube and sections on our website, utilizing consistent keywords and hashtags across platforms. This integrated approach ensures that viewers can systematically explore topics of interest, not only through our channel but also through related documents on Singularity when they search on Google.

Multi-Channel Distribution: Our content extends beyond long-form videos on YouTube. We also produce short videos, images, and text content, distributing these across various platforms including TikTok, Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, and others. This strategy not only broadens our reach but also enhances discoverability through targeted keywords and hashtags, effectively drawing viewers to our content.

Multilingual Accessibility: We will make the English scripts available to all and encourage global participation by rewarding individuals who translate our content into their native languages. This initiative will make our educational content more accessible worldwide, especially in regions where English is less prevalent.