Play quizz & explore Singularity ecosystem

Jimmy Lee
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Play quizz & explore Singularity ecosystem

Funding Requested

$5,940 USD

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In our community there are many people interested in SingularityNet but they lack a place to learn more about it. Our project relies on the community taking quizzes to explore the Singularity ecosystem. It will be deployed to the existing Cardano community with over 47k members managed by us. Furthermore, the rewards are tokens that belong to the ecosystem and are chosen by the community itself. This creates a very natural motivation to learn about the project and hold tokens.
The system of questions is built based on basic knowledge and hierarchy to classify and assess participants' levels. This helps the ecosystem develop sustainably

Proposal Description

How Our Project Will Contribute To The Growth Of The Decentralized AI Platform

  • Our project will bring the Singularity ecosystem deeper into the Cardano and SingularityNet communities in VietNam, where we are managing a very huge community.
  • The project will help SingularityNet access large investments from users with whom we have a direct connection
  • Project implementation methods that utilize many available resources will help maximize cost savings while still achieving real efficiency

Our Team

We are Vcoincheck team

  • The admin team of the largest Cardano Facebook community in Vietnam with more than 46k members and are reputable people as well as active in the Cardano community in Vietnam.
  • Driven a telegram group with over 1k members.
  • More than 180 articles on basic knowledge about blockchain, Cardano, and catalyst posted on 2 websites and in 3 languages Vietnam, Japan, English
  • Proposal core member:
    • Jimmy Lee: Project lead
    • Sang Nguyen: Project admin
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Company Name (if applicable)

Vcoincheck team

Competition and USPs

Goal 1: Increase the effectiveness of Singularity knowledge education.

  • Number of times to do the quiz: 1000 times
  • Number of participants to take the test: 100 paxs

 Goal 2: Number of interactions with the project

This goal is determined by views, likes, and feedback on social media channels...through posts related to our project.

  • Social networks: 500 interactions.
  • Google form: 100 responses.

 Goal 3: Number of projects on SingularityNet that are introduced to the community naturally.

This goal is defined by project token rewards in community incentive campaigns. The reward token will be chosen by the community through voting.

  • Target: 8 projects.

 Goal 4: The number of questions: The more questions, the more diverse the quiz will be and the more information about Singularity will be transmitted.

  • Target: 200 questions.

 Goal 5: The number of community incentive campaign

  • Target: 4 weekly games and 2 monthly games

Project details

Problem and challenge

Currently in our community there are many people interested in SingularityNet but almost no detailed information is available.

Even projects belonging to the ecosystem which have released Cardano native tokens such as NTX, RJV.

Marketing projects that bring knowledge to users will take a lot of time to achieve real results because current users often spend very little time reading and learning knowledge.

On the contrary, projects that use methods such as airdrops and giveaways only bring fake and expensive interactions.

 This leads to inefficiencies and waste of resources.


Our solutions

 Within the scope of this proposal, we propose a solution for a new educational product belonging to the ecosystem – Vcoincheck-Singularity Quizz

 Vcoincheck Quizz: Quick knowledge test questions about Singularity, blockchain, and crypto.

Vcoincheck quizz will be a quick quizzes that helps the community to check their knowledge anytime, anywhere without spending time relearning knowledge from the beginning.

 Quiz structure:

In the 1st phase of the product, we want to create a quiz with 200 multiple-choice questions with the following specific structure:

    • The set of questions will include 200 questions: 100 easy questions, 60 difficult questions, and 40 very difficult questions. There will be at least 120 (60%) questions related to SingularityNet.
    • 1 test can be in 3 levels as follows
      1. The advanced test consists of 50 questions: 25 easy, 15 difficult, and 10 very difficult. The average time to complete a test is 30-60 minutes
      2. The average test consists of 20 questions: 10 easy, 5 difficult, and 5 very difficult. The average time to complete a test is 15-30 minutes
      3. The quick test consists of 10 questions: 5 easy and 5 difficult. The average time to complete a test is 3-10 minutes.

Quizzes will be randomly selected in a set of 200 questions, each "quizz" time is a test with different content.

A sample quiz for the community to test: Demo quizz (



The solution to attract community

  • Will promote the project in the communities we manage in Vietnam, where our posts achieve tens of thousands of reactions daily.
  • The quizz is created in English and Vietnamese languages ​​so it can also be applied to the global community.
  • To encourage the community to participate in learning knowledge as well as taking quizzes. We will organize community incentive campaigns by week, and month.
  • There are rewards for people who will the incentive game.
  • The reward can be AGIX or Singularity’s project ecosystem tokens which will be chosen by the community through voting.

Additional information on the tasks of a community incentive campaign.

  • 1 campaign takes place in 1 month
  • 1 campaign includes 3 small campaigns named: weekly game and monthly game.
  • Each small campaign will go through the following processes:

          1. Announcement

Exp1: Telegram group 

  2. Vote for the type of token used as a reward.

Exp: Vcoincheck twitter

  3. Community participation