MY TECH: Secure Digital Creation Ownership

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MY TECH: Secure Digital Creation Ownership

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$20,000 USD

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MY TECH is a cutting-edge ecosystem empowering creators with unrivaled control over their digital creations. Its core boasts robust biometric verification and encrypted ledgers for foolproof security and ownership validation. Within, an AI/AGI Personal Assistant redefines user interaction and asset management, adapting to behaviors for personalized security and convenience. Leveraging MeTTa Language, it maximizes AGI efficiency, enabling seamless navigation and commanding. MY TECH is the epitome of digital ownership solutions, safeguarding rights, streamlining management, and enhancing user experiences with unparalleled sophistication.

Proposal Description

How Our Project Will Contribute To The Growth Of The Decentralized AI Platform

Our Approach to digital creation ownership/management expands the use cases of SNET. We enable creators securely prove ownership of their digital assets, opening up new avenues for utilizing AI in intellectual property protection, digital rights Mgt & content monetization. Combining enhanced security, advanced personalization, & streamlined user experience offered by MY TECH, we can attract individual creators & businesses seeking secure & efficient AI solutions, driving SNET's growth & adoption

Our Team

Our team is known for its innovative approach to problem-solving. We have a track record of developing novel solutions to complex challenges, such as digital ownership verification and AI interaction. This creativity and ingenuity will be instrumental in designing and implementing the groundbreaking features of MY TECH.

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Company Name (if applicable)

5oundwave5’s 5ound Productions & NEXUS TECKH

The core problem we are aiming to solve

We aim to address the fundamental challenge of digital ownership & security in an increasingly interconnected and digitized world. Our problem points revolves around three key aspects:

  1. Digital Ownership Verification: In the digital realm, proving ownership of creations, content, and intellectual property can be a daunting task. With rampant piracy, unauthorized use, and distribution of digital assets, creators often struggle to establish and protect their ownership rights. 

  2. User Identity Management: As digital interactions proliferate, managing user identities and ensuring secure access to digital platforms become paramount. Conventional authentication methods like passwords are prone to breaches and hacking attempts. 

  3. Efficient AI Interaction: Interacting with AI systems and accessing AI services often involves complex interfaces and processes. Users may struggle to navigate these systems efficiently, hindering their adoption and utilization. 

Our specific solution to this problem

Digital Ownership Verification: We implement a robust infrastructure that integrates cutting-edge biometric verification and encrypted digital ledger systems. When a creator uploads their digital creation onto the platform, MY TECH generates a unique digital signature that securely links the creation to its creator. This signature is stored on the encrypted ledger, providing immutable proof of ownership. Through biometric verification, creators can authenticate their identity securely, further strengthening the validation process.

User Identity Management: Embedded within MY TECH is an AI/AGI Personal Assistant Development that revolutionizes user identity management. This intelligent assistant employs sophisticated algorithms to securely create and manage user identifiers. It continuously adapts to user behavior, analyzing patterns to detect and prevent unauthorized access. By implementing personalized security measures, such as adaptive authentication and behavioral biometrics, ensuring only authorized access to digital assets

Efficient AI Interaction: We leverage the power of MeTTa Language to enhance AI interaction efficiency. The integration of MeTTa Language enables users to communicate with AI systems using natural language commands, eliminating the need for complex interfaces and technical knowledge. This intuitive interaction model simplifies the user experience, making AI services more accessible and user-friendly.

Project details


  • Automated Check-In: Upon arrival at the authorized institution, users (or parents/guardians in the case of minors) use a self-service kiosk to initiate the registration process. This system is designed to guide users through the registration without the need for direct staff interaction.

  1. Consent and Data Collection

    • Consent Obtaining: The kiosk interface clearly explains the data collection process, including what data will be collected, how it will be used, and the security measures in place. Users give their consent directly on the device.

    • Biometric Scanning: Users proceed to a secure scanning station where biometric data (e.g., fingerprints, iris scans, facial recognition) are captured. This station uses automated technology to ensure that the biometric data are collected accurately and securely.

  2. Geolocation Verification

    • Location Confirmation: Simultaneously, the system automatically verifies the geolocation of the scanning station to ensure the process is occurring within a pre-approved, secure location. This step is critical for maintaining the integrity and security of the data collection process.

  3. Data Encryption and Secure Transmission

    • Encryption: Immediately after collection, all personal and biometric data are encrypted on the local device. This approach is crucial to securing the data before it leaves the device.

    • Secure Transmission: The encrypted data are then securely transmitted to the central 'My Tech' system for processing. This transmission is conducted over a secure, encrypted communication channel to protect against any potential data interception.

  4. Identity Verification and Record Creation

    • Data Processing: Upon receiving the data, the 'My Tech' system processes the information to verify its accuracy and to ensure that the biometric identifiers match the predefined criteria for uniqueness and security.

    • Record Creation: Once the data are verified, a unique digital identifier is created. This identifier is securely linked to the user’s biometric data and other personal information but is designed to ensure user privacy.

  5. Digital Token Generation

    • Tokenization: The system tokenizes the digital identifier into a secure digital format, such as a QR code or a digital token, potentially stored on a blockchain for enhanced security and immutability.

    • Issuance: The digital token or QR code is displayed on a secure screen for the user to scan with their personal device, transferring the digital identifier securely into their control.

  6. Post-Registration Security Measures

    • Data Purge: Immediately after the identifier is issued, any residual personal data stored temporarily on the local device is securely erased to prevent any unauthorized access.

    • Audit and Compliance Logs: The entire process is recorded in an audit log that tracks the operation without storing personal data, ensuring compliance with privacy regulations and providing a secure record for future audits.

  7. User Notification and Access: Users receive an immediate notification on their device confirming the creation of their digital identifier.



Access and Control:

  • App-Managed Portal: After the creation of their digital identifier, users are directed to use the 'My Tech' app, which either includes an integrated AI/AGI personal assistant or functions as a standalone instance. This app serves as the primary interface for all subsequent interactions with the user's digital identifier.

  • App Functionality:

    • Dashboard Access: The app provides a user-friendly dashboard where users can view their digital identifier, access logs, and manage how their personal information is shared. The dashboard is designed to be intuitive, ensuring users of all technical skill levels can navigate and control their settings easily.

    • AI/AGI Assistance: For users with an AI/AGI assistant enabled, this assistant helps manage the digital identity by suggesting security updates, offering reminders for data verification, and providing customized privacy settings based on user behavior and preferences. The assistant ensures that users are making informed decisions about their privacy and security settings.

    • Real-Time Updates and Notifications: The app sends real-time notifications about any access or requests to use the user’s digital identifier. Users can approve or deny these requests directly from the app, giving them complete control over their personal information.

    • Security Features: Advanced security features are integrated into the app, such as biometric re-authentication for sensitive actions and automatic security audits, to ensure that the user’s data remains protected at all times.

    • Self-Service Features: Users can perform various self-service functions, including updating personal information, revoking previously granted permissions, or requesting additional data protections, all within the app.

Post-Registration Security Measures:

  • Data Purge and Compliance: Ensures that any residual personal data stored temporarily on local devices during the registration process is securely purged. The app maintains a minimal data policy, storing only essential information required for operational purposes and complying with strict data protection regulations.

Audit Trail: All user actions and system responses are logged in a secure, non-invasive manner that respects user privacy while maintaining a comprehensive audit trail for compliance and security auditing purposes.

Competition and USPs

Unlike standalone solutions that address individual aspects of digital ownership or AI interaction, MY TECH offers a holistic ecosystem that seamlessly integrates biometric verification, encrypted ledgers, AI personal assistants, and MeTTa Language. This provides users with a one-stop platform for managing their digital assets securely while interacting efficiently with AI services

We prioritize security by implementing cutting-edge biometric verification & encrypted ledger systems. By offering immutable proof of ownership and personalized security measures, such as adaptive authentication and behavioral biometrics, We instill trust among users & standout as a reliable solution in the market.

Leveraging MeTTa Language & AI/AGI Personal Assistance, we revolutionize user interaction & identity management. Its ability to adapt to user behavior, analyze patterns, and continuously improve enhances user experiences and sets us apart from traditional solutions.

Open Source Licensing

Apache License

The MY TECH project will utilize the Apache License 2.0, enabling open-sourcing of our technology while ensuring legal protection and flexibility for both contributors and users. Under this license, users can freely use, modify, and distribute the project's code, even for commercial purposes, with minimal restrictions. By doing this, we demonstrate our commitment to fostering an open and collaborative ecosystem while retaining the flexibility to adapt our approach in alignment with project objectives and strategic priorities.

It's important to note that the open-sourcing of MY TECH will be available for a defined period, approximately around 6 months after our initial launch. During this time, the project will benefit from community contributions, feedback, and collaborative development efforts. However, after this period, we may reassess our open-source strategy based on project goals, market dynamics, and business considerations.

Links and references


Additional videos


Proposal Video

DF Spotlight Day - DFR4 - Gombilla - MY TECH Secure Digital Creation Ownership

4 June 2024
  • Total Milestones


  • Total Budget

    $20,000 USD

  • Last Updated

    4 Jun 2024

Milestone 1 - Development of Core Features


During this phase our development team will prioritize building key features integral to MY TECH's functionality. This will include implementing biometric verification mechanisms to authenticate users securely setting up encrypted ledger systems to ensure data integrity and proof of ownership integrating an AI personal assistant for streamlined user interaction and incorporating MeTTa Language to enhance AI capabilities and user experience.


A Functional prototype demonstrating core features. Additionally comprehensive documentation detailing the development process architecture will also be provided


$8,000 USD

Milestone 2 - User Interface Design and Development


This phase will focus on the development of a user-friendly interfaces for MY TECH's web and mobile platforms. The goal is to ensure intuitive navigation accessibility and an exceptional user experience across all devices.


User interface mockups and wireframes.


$5,000 USD

Milestone 3 - Security Enhancement and Testing


This milestone will focus on strengthening the security of the MY TECH platform to safeguard user data and protect against potential threats. Advanced security measures will be implemented to enhance platform security and thorough testing will be conducted to identify and address vulnerabilities.


The integration of Security protocols and measures MY TECH platform. A comprehensive Security Testing Report will also be provided. This report will serve as a roadmap for addressing security issues and improving the overall security posture of the MY TECH platform.


$5,000 USD

Milestone 4 - Launch and Initial Marketing


This milestone marks the official launch of the MY TECH platform to the public accompanied by strategic marketing efforts aimed at attracting users and stakeholders. Additionally feedback and engagement metrics will be monitored to gauge the platform's initial reception and performance.


The launched of MY TECH platform making it accessible to users. Initial marketing materials including website content and social media campaigns


$2,000 USD

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5 ratings
  • 1
    Jun 10, 2024 | 8:14 AM



    • Feasibility 2
    • Viability 3
    • Desirabilty 3
    • Usefulness 3
    Adding milestone duration - strengthen feasibility

    Security issues and issues related to digital property rights are always hot issues mentioned in today\'s digital technology age. The team did a good job presenting the milestones and detailing the allocations, but I wish the team had also factored in a specific duration for each milestone. Thus, feasibility is strengthened.

  • 2
    Tu Nguyen
    Jun 6, 2024 | 9:20 AM



    • Feasibility 4
    • Viability 4
    • Desirabilty 4
    • Usefulness 4
    Secure Digital Creation Ownership

    This proposal addresses the fundamental challenge of digital security and ownership in an increasingly connected and digitized world. This proposal will deploy solutions for digital ownership verification, user identity management, and efficient AI interaction.
    I feel that they should determine the expected time of each milestone to increase feasibility.

  • -2
    Jun 2, 2024 | 1:24 PM



    • Feasibility 2
    • Viability 1
    • Desirabilty 2
    • Usefulness 1
    Assumptive, lacking conceptual and technical depth

    The proposal has few fully-conceptualised ideas, the majority of the proposal lacked any meaningful depth that described the problem they are trying to solve for society, for the user and for AI. Data security and privacy is more important than ever, overlaying AI for the sake of AI is unnecessary in most cases, especially when problem solving for identity access management technology. There are dozens of brilliant biometric services that reduce presentation attacks at KYC/AML onboarding and monitoring processes, with this being said there was no proposed solution(s) besides key words inferrering the team will develop their own biometric capture, storage and interaction technology.

    I did like the reference to the use of MeTTA language, however, I found the motivation to 'improve AI efficiency' to be a lacklustre, particular the use of MeTTa to allow for semantic abstraction of which is a given in any intuitive modern application.

    Working in and adjacent to aggregated identity access management technology and KYC/AML solutions over the past several years, the need for the technology is palpable and extremely apparent - but the lack of comprehensive systems or the expectation that a self-sovereign, self generated credential stored by a proprietary data based (with some self sovereign attributes) to be market adopted is a stretch, at this budget, with this explanation and rudimentary explanation.

    My recommendation to the team would be to either aggregate exisiting credentials instead of creating the issuance, disclosure and verification protocol to focus on one element. Potentially engage Mindplex magazine for the reputation systems and deliver a solution that solves not just a general market problem but a SingularityNET ecosystem problem would hold well in my books, amongst mentioning in fair detail how it leverages or adds value with/to the SNET ecosystem.

  • 1
    Donald Nguyen
    May 28, 2024 | 10:13 AM



    • Feasibility 5
    • Viability 2
    • Desirabilty 2
    • Usefulness 5
    Practical solution for the Digital Identity

    The idea of this proposal is to  enhance the identity on the blockchain for the content creator. The 3 core solutions from MY TECH involves Digital Ownership Verification, User Identity Management and the Efficient AI Interaction. For the digital ownership, I could see that the biometric verification and the encrypted ledger is absolutely feasible. With the power of MeTTa Language, the team could be able to let the AI interact with users in common language, thus, facilitate the development of the AI Personal Assistant.'

     What I expect is that they should provide some relevant links which include the past project of the team or the prove of their skills in AGI development, which is the only way which I could understand how the team members be able to complete this proposal or not.After viewing the milestones provided from the team, I could say that the budget would be sufficient for the team to run this proposal and implement each of the period. However, to make the budget planning being more clear, I would suggest the proposer to mention exactly how much will be spent for the developers' salary, how much for the development tools, including testing and other technical aspects. 

    For the desirability, I could say that the needs for the digital ownership verification is still on a high demands as there is not enough projects which are currently be able to completely solve this problem. Especially on SNET, where is not much projects which have already implemented to deal with such issue, MY TECH could be able to have more space to develop  and I believe that if the team successfully dealing with the digital ownership, the team could be able to expand really fast with the achievements in the past.

    In my opinion, the team has shown that how they planned to bring more valuable contribution to the growth on AI, especially on blockchain to address a realistic problem related to the identity and inefficient AI interaction. Most of the funds from the proposal will be spent on the development of the AI solution which I believe they are mainly putting attention and effort to grow and improve their product. 

  • 2
    Joseph Gastoni
    May 28, 2024 | 11:55 PM



    • Feasibility 4
    • Viability 4
    • Desirabilty 4
    • Usefulness 5
    This proposal outlines an ecosystem.

    This proposal outlines an ecosystem (MY TECH) for secure digital ownership and AI interaction. Here's a breakdown of its strengths and weaknesses:


    • Moderate-Low: The project\'s complexity (biometric verification, AI/AGI assistant, MeTTa language) raises concerns about development time and costs.
      • Strengths: The proposal leverages existing technologies (blockchain, AI) but integrates them in a novel way.
      • Weaknesses: The proposal lacks details on the technical feasibility of core functionalities like the AI/AGI assistant and MeTTa language. Security considerations for biometric data storage and transmission need elaboration.


    • Moderate: Success depends on user adoption, market demand, and regulatory compliance.
      • Strengths: The proposal addresses a growing concern (digital ownership security) and offers a user-centric approach.
      • Weaknesses: The proposal needs stronger validation of market need beyond assumptions. The competitive landscape and MY TECH\'s unique selling proposition (USP) require clearer definition. Regulatory hurdles for biometric data collection and usage need to be addressed.


    • Varies: For creators and users seeking robust security and control, this could be desirable.
      • Strengths: The proposal caters to a growing demand for secure digital ownership and user-friendly AI interaction.
      • Weaknesses: The proposal needs to segment its target audience and tailor its value proposition for each segment (creators vs. general users). The complexity of the system (if not addressed) might deter some users.


    • High Potential: The project has the potential to improve digital ownership security and user experience with AI, but hinges on successful development, user adoption, and navigating regulations.
      • Strengths: The proposal offers a framework for a comprehensive digital ownership and AI interaction solution.
      • Weaknesses: The proposal lacks details on how MY TECH incentivizes users to switch from existing solutions or adopt new security measures. The impact on SingularityNET\'s growth needs clearer explanation.

    Overall, the proposal has a valuable idea, but focus on:

    • Technical Details: Provide more details on the development plan for the AI/AGI assistant, MeTTa language, and security measures for biometric data.
    • Market Validation: Conduct thorough market research to validate the demand for MY TECH\'s functionalities and identify the target audience segments.
    • Competitive Landscape: Clearly define MY TECH\'s USPs compared to existing solutions for digital ownership and AI interaction.
    • Regulatory Compliance: Develop a plan to navigate potential regulations associated with biometric data collection and user privacy.


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