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MarketIn API

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$35,000 USD

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Developers consistently create solutions, but these solutions need a clearly defined pathway to the public's attention and knowledge in ways that guarantee adoption. We believe there should be a way developers can garner the public’s attention, knowledge, endearment, and trust. All of which are critical for the solution's mass adoption. We seek to build the solutions marketing solution for the SingularityNet Marketplace. A solution that uses AGI to serve companies, developers, and marketing freelancers. We aim to create a decentralized plug-and-play marketing open-source API any developer can deploy at no cost to share his/her new solution with the world.

Proposal Description

Company Name (if applicable)


How our project will contribute to the growth of the decentralized AI platform

Our project, an open-source, plug-and-play marketing API, will drive SingularityNet's growth by increasing platform adoption through Showcasing AGI's marketing capabilities and attracting more developers, companies, and freelancers. The decentralized solution will generate valuable data, create new revenue streams, and encourage collaborations. Enhancing platform credibility, will foster a vibrant, innovative AI ecosystem, contributing to SingularityNet's long-term sustainability and success.

The core problem we are aiming to solve

The core problem we aim to solve is the difficulty developers face in gaining public attention, knowledge, endearment, and trust for their solutions, which are essential for mass adoption. Despite creating innovative solutions, developers often lack the marketing expertise and resources to promote their products effectively. Our open-source, decentralized marketing API, leveraging AGI on SingularityNet, provides an easy, cost-effective way to bridge this gap and ensure their solutions reach a broader audience.

Our specific solution to this problem

Our specific solution is an open-source, decentralized plug-and-play marketing API that any developer can deploy at no cost. Leveraging AGI on the SingularityNet platform, this API assists developers, companies, and marketing freelancers effectively promote their solutions. It analyzes market trends, targets audiences, and optimizes campaigns, ensuring developers can gain the public’s attention, knowledge, endearment, and trust, which are critical for the mass adoption of their innovations.

Project details

List of problems.

1). Developers building solutions must also battle marketing to get their production past critical adoption mass. Developers should focus on innovating and need not bother about marketing. It already takes a lot of bandwidth to innovate, and it is hard to imagine juggling that with marketing.

2). Companies worldwide have good products and services but struggle to achieve productive market visibility and acceptability. They must present massive budgets for marketing campaigns, marketing staff training, and buffering the effect of marketing employee turnovers.

3). According to Statista, as of 2021, there were around 65 million business and marketing professionals globally. You can ask developers for their GitHub profiles to assess their skills. A portfolio serves the same purpose for product, graphic, or video designers. However, freelance marketers do not have a GitHub equivalent. These marketers have no home or community. No platform to defend or prove their worth.

There is a nexus of solutions where all the three problems above are solved and converted into a positive.

A decentralized plug-and-play AGI-enabled API that developers and companies can connect to on their web pages. An open-source, vibrant platform that continues to be improved.

A platform that marketers can use to document their results and growths and display their results and marketing prowess.

The Key Features of the MarketIn

  1. Plug-and-Play Functionality: The API will be easy to integrate, requiring minimal setup to ensure broad usability among developers.
  2. Dashboard: All users will have dashboards that provide insights and real-time assessments of market success.
  3. Freemium Model: All essential features are available for free, encouraging widespread adoption. Advanced features e.g. companies want to access, engage and employ (a number of) specific marketing profile(s), can be accessed via a subscription or one-time payment.
  4. AGI-Powered Marketing Strategies: Utilizing AGI to analyze market trends, target audiences, and optimize marketing campaigns to maximize visibility and engagement.
  5. Comprehensive Metrics and Analytics: Provide detailed reports and insights to help developers understand the performance of their marketing efforts.
  6. Customization and Flexibility: Allow users to tailor their marketing strategies according to their specific needs and preferences.
  7. Integration with Existing Platforms: Ensure compatibility with popular development environments, social media platforms, and advertising networks.


  • Ease of Use: Developers can quickly deploy marketing campaigns without needing extensive marketing knowledge.
  • Cost-Effective: The freemium model allows users to start at no cost and scale if ever needed.
  • Enhanced Reach: AGI can identify and target the most promising user segments, increasing the chances of adoption.
  • Data-Driven Insights: Users gain access to valuable data that can inform future development and marketing efforts.


Our project will contribute to the growth of SingularityNet, the AI platform, in several significant ways:

Increasing Adoption and Usage
By offering a plug-and-play marketing API that leverages AGI, we will attract developers, companies, and marketing freelancers to the SingularityNet ecosystem. This increased usage will drive more transactions and interactions on the platform, enhancing its visibility and adoption across various sectors.


Showcasing AGI Capabilities

Our project will serve as a practical example of AGI's capabilities in marketing and promotion. Demonstrating how AGI can effectively analyze market trends, target audiences, and optimize campaigns will highlight the advanced functionalities of SingularityNet's AGI, attracting more interest and investment in the platform.


Expanding the Open Source Ecosystem

By developing our marketing API as an open source solution, we will contribute to the collaborative and transparent ethos of SingularityNet. This will encourage other developers to contribute to and build upon our project, fostering a vibrant open source community and accelerating innovation within the SingularityNet ecosystem.


Promoting Decentralization

Our API will emphasize the decentralized nature of SingularityNet, ensuring that marketing solutions are not controlled by any single entity. This aligns with the core values of SingularityNet, promoting a fair and equitable AI ecosystem where all participants can benefit from and contribute to the platform's growth.


Providing Valuable Data and Insights

As users interact with our API, valuable data and insights will be generated regarding market trends, user behavior, and campaign effectiveness. This data can be utilized to further enhance SingularityNet’s AI models and services, improving overall platform performance and attracting more users seeking cutting-edge AI solutions.


Encouraging Collaboration and Partnerships

Our project will likely lead to collaborations and partnerships with other entities within the SingularityNet ecosystem. By integrating with various development environments, social media platforms, and advertising networks, we will build a robust network of partnerships that will enhance the value and reach of SingularityNet.


Further Enhancement the SingularityNet Platform Credibility

Successful implementation and widespread adoption of our API will enhance the credibility of SingularityNet as a leading AI platform. As more success stories emerge from users of our API, SingularityNet's reputation will be bolstered, attracting more developers and businesses to explore and utilize its services.

The competition and our USPs


Describe how your solution distinguishes itself from other solutions (if exist) and how it will succeed in the market.

Our solution stands out by being open source, decentralized, and powered by AGI for advanced optimization. It offers plug-and-play functionality, a freemium model, and caters to developers' needs. These factors make it accessible, cost-effective, and tailored to the market's evolving demands, setting it apart from traditional marketing solutions.

Our team

We are multidisciplinary. This is our core strength, combining over twenty years of experience and technical skills covering software development, AI, blockchain, marketing, and user experience including experience in open source and decentralized technologies, business strategy, collaboration, and innovation with a commitment to open source and decentralized principles.

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What we still need besides budget?


Existing resources we will leverage for this project


Open Source Licensing


Describe license details and, if applicable, list any components that are not subject to this license.

We are open to the following.

  1. Freedom to Use: Anyone can use your code for any purpose, including commercial applications.

  2. Freedom to Modify: Anyone can modify your code and create derivative works based on it.

  3. Freedom to Distribute: Anyone can distribute the original or modified versions of your code under our license

  4. Minimal Restrictions: The only requirements are to include the original copyright notice and the license text in all copies or substantial portions of the software. This ensures that credit is given to the original authors.

  5. No Warranty: The license disclaims any warranty, meaning that the software is provided "as is," and the authors are not liable for any damages arising from its use.

  6. Non-Freedom to Sublicense: Users cannot sublicense the code to others.

AI services (New or Existing)


How it will be used

We will be using SingularityNET AI Service to interpret datasets.

Proposal Video

Placeholder for Spotlight Day Pitch-presentations. Video's will be added by the DF team when available.

  • Total Milestones


  • Total Budget

    $35,000 USD

  • Last Updated

    20 May 2024

Milestone 1 - API Calls & Hostings


This milestone represents the required reservation of 25% of your total requested budget for API calls or hosting costs. Because it is required we have prefilled it for you and it cannot be removed or adapted.


You can use this amount for payment of API calls on our platform. Use it to call other services or use it as a marketing instrument to have other parties try out your service. Alternatively you can use it to pay for hosting and computing costs.


$8,750 USD

Milestone 2 - Product Design and Compliance


In this milestone we will begin by creating the product use-case map to outline the core functionalities necessary for the API. Next we will develop the initial design call prototype of the marketing API and design the user interface and experience to ensure it is user-friendly and intuitive. The UI/UX will cover the frontend backend and user dashboard metrics. We will also map the basic AGI algorithms needed to drive the marketing optimization capabilities of our solution. We will conduct feedback sessions to identify significant issues or omissions and gather insights for improvements to ensure the prototype design meets user needs. This milestone lays the foundation for the API enabling us to showcase its potential and gather valuable feedback for further development.


Product Map Document. Document of Dataset Requirements and Ui/Ux Design.


$4,500 USD

Milestone 3 - Frontend and Backend Development


This involves creating testing and launching the beta version of the web app to a select group of users. We will gather feedback and based on user insights perform bug fixes and enhance the AGI capabilities. We will also improve the user interface and experience. Tasks: Launch beta version Gather user feedback Perform bug fixes Enhance AGI capabilities Improve UI/UX based on feedback


A fully functional Web App. Beta launch.


$9,600 USD

Milestone 4 - API Development and Launch Preparation.


Build test and integrate API to the existing Web App. Test with existing focus groups. Reiterate multiple times. Institute Countdown to Market Entry.


Working API. Working Web App


$7,000 USD

Milestone 5 - Launch Support Monitoring and Improvement.


On full launch we will monitor the API's usage and performance provide ongoing user support and continuously update and improve the features. User feedback will be analyzed to guide future development and ensure the API remains competitive and effective. Tasks: Monitor API usage and performance Provide ongoing user support Continuously update and improve features Gather and analyze user feedback


Stable market fit product. Dashboard Analysis Growth distribution Analysis Growth Recommenndations.


$5,150 USD

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    May 23, 2024 | 7:33 AM



    • Feasibility 4
    • Viability 4
    • Desirabilty 4
    • Usefulness 5
    MarketIn API

    The problem this proposal seeks to address is the difficulty developers face in attracting public attention, knowledge, esteem and trust for their solutions. The solution of this proposal is an open-source, decentralized plug-and-play marketing API that any developer can deploy at no cost. This is a positive solution. 
    Another opinion: They should share members' social network links. Additionally, they should specify the start and end times of each milestone.

  • 0
    Joseph Gastoni
    May 20, 2024 | 12:03 PM



    • Feasibility 5
    • Viability 4
    • Desirabilty 4
    • Usefulness 5
    an open-source, decentralized marketing API

    This project proposes an open-source, decentralized marketing API powered by SingularityNET's AGI. Here's a breakdown of its strengths and weaknesses:


    • Moderate-to-High: The core functionalities like API integration and data analysis seem feasible with existing technology. Integrating AGI for advanced marketing strategies might require more development effort.
    • Strengths: The open-source approach allows for community contributions and faster development. The modular design (plug-and-play API, dashboard) suggests flexibility.
    • Weaknesses: The effectiveness of AGI-powered marketing strategies in a real-world setting needs to be validated. Security measures for user data and potential biases in AGI algorithms need to be addressed.


    • Moderate: Success depends on the effectiveness of the marketing API, user adoption by developers and companies, and the value proposition of the freemium model.
    • Strengths: The focus on ease of use, cost-effectiveness, and AGI-powered optimization can be attractive to developers and companies.
    • Weaknesses: The project needs to demonstrate a clear advantage over existing marketing tools and convince users to trust an open-source platform with potentially sensitive marketing data.


    • Moderate: For developers and companies seeking user-friendly and cost-effective marketing solutions, this can be desirable.
    • Strengths: The open-source nature, freemium model, and potential for AGI-driven optimization can be appealing.
    • Weaknesses: The reliance on a new, open-source platform and AGI technology might raise concerns about security, data privacy, and effectiveness compared to established marketing solutions.


    • Moderate (in proposal stage): The proposal outlines a platform with the potential to simplify marketing for developers and companies.
    • Strengths: This project has the potential to reduce marketing barriers for developers, improve campaign targeting, and generate valuable data for SingularityNET.
    • Weaknesses: The long-term impact on user acquisition, marketing campaign success rates, and the overall value proposition for paying users needs evaluation.

    Additional Points:

    • Developing a clear use case and success stories demonstrating the effectiveness of the API with AGI is crucial for user adoption.
    • Addressing data security concerns and establishing clear data ownership policies can build trust with potential users.
    • Focusing on a pilot launch with a specific target audience (e.g., startups, small businesses) can help refine the platform before broader adoption.

    Overall, MarketIn's marketing API has the potential to be valuable for developers and companies. However, careful consideration should be given to the effectiveness of AGI-powered marketing strategies, data security measures, and the value proposition for paying users. A data-driven approach with pilot testing and user feedback can help refine the platform and maximize its impact.

    Here are some strengths of this project:

    • Addresses a critical need for developers: user acquisition and marketing support.
    • Proposes a unique combination of open-source development, decentralized approach, and AGI integration.
    • Identifies clear goals related to user acquisition, cost-effectiveness, and data insights.


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