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Trieu Hong Minh
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HealthyAI Coach

Funding Requested

$100,000 USD

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The proposed "HealthyAI Coach" is an integrated AI service on the Web3 platform, aimed at providing personalized health care and fitness to users. Based on information about disease symptoms provided by users, the service will provide initial assessments about their health status and instructions on appropriate exercise. This is a useful tool to support the health care process and increase users' resistance.

Proposal Description

How our project will contribute to the growth of the decentralized AI platform

We see that the implementation of the "HealthyAI Coach" project promises to contribute to the development of AI on the SingularityNET platform by combining artificial intelligence and user data in the field of healthcare. Using real-world data from users will provide the basis for improving AI models and expanding the platform's applications in the health field.

The core problem we are aiming to solve

Users' health problems will be improved, information provided to reduce patient anxiety, and information to see medical professionals. HealthyAI Coach will solve several problems:
1. Early diagnosis of disease: The service will help identify disease symptoms and make initial assessments, thereby helping users detect and take care of their health promptly.
2. Personal care consultation: Based on information about health status and personal goals, the service will provide suggestions on healthy eating habits and lifestyle.
3. Exercise support: Offer appropriate exercises based on the user's health condition and fitness level, helping them maintain and improve their health.
4. Data analysis and personalization: Use artificial intelligence to analyze data from users and personalize services, creating the best experience for each user.

Our specific solution to this problem

The “HealthyAI Coach” project is a solution that integrates artificial intelligence and blockchain technology to provide personalized and reliable health care services to users. By building and maintaining a large database of disease symptoms, we have worked closely with medical experts and medical research projects to ensure diversity and accuracy. data. Blockchain technology is used to protect the safety and security of medical data, while creating transparency and trust in the management of users' personal information.
The user interface is designed to be friendly and easy to use, helping users easily provide information about disease symptoms and receive quick and convenient responses. UI/UX design principles are applied to optimize user experience and increase interactivity on the website.

We have developed core features and API integrations for symptom diagnosis and health advice. Careful testing and debugging is performed to ensure website stability and accuracy before deploying to the hosting platform.

The disease symptom recognition system and personal health prediction model are developed through the use of machine learning and neural networks, combined with advanced tools such as natural language processing (NLP). . . . . ). This helps us provide users with accurate and useful information about their health status and appropriate exercise options.

Project details

In today's digitalized world, personal health has become a top priority. Common disease symptoms can be encountered by people every day. For providing necessary information to help users easily understand their health status. Common symptoms will be mild illnesses that can be easily treated at home. However, serious illnesses require diagnosis from a specialist, so developing the HealthyAI Coach platform will help people have medical knowledge. and spirit and maintain a healthy lifestyle and promptly detect health problems. That is why HealthyAI Coach was born - a project that combines artificial intelligence and blockchain technology, to bring users personalized and reliable health care.
With HealthyAI Coach, we have built and maintained a large database of disease symptoms, working closely with medical experts and medical research projects. Data is protected by blockchain technology, ensuring the highest safety and security for users' personal information.
HealthyAI Coach's user interface is designed to be friendly and easy to use, helping users easily provide information about disease symptoms and receive responses quickly and conveniently. At the same time, UI/UX design principles are applied to optimize user experience and increase interactivity.
A system to identify disease symptoms and a model to predict personal health status is developed. HealthyAI Coach is more than just a health care service - it's a companion who accompanies you on your journey to care and improve your personal health.

The competition and our USPs


Our team

Our team is diverse, including doctors, medical researchers, software developers, and blockchain experts. Project implementation experience is highly valued, from medical feature development to blockchain technology implementation. This combination gives us confidence to effectively implement the HealthyAI Coach project, while also opening up new potential in improving health through blockchain.

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What we still need besides budget?


Existing resources we will leverage for this project


Open Source Licensing


Links and references

Additional videos

We will soon provide a video showing a comprehensive overview of our AI service: HealthyAI Coach

AI services (New or Existing)

HealthyAI Coach


New AI service


This service mainly focuses on providing health information and advice based on users' symptoms and personal information. Through analyzing and evaluating the data provided HealthyAI Coach will provide initial assessments of the user's health status thereby guiding and providing appropriate solutions. HealthyAI Coach is not only a smart assistant but also a trusted companion on your health care journey.

AI inputs

HealthyAI Coach receives images and text from users to analyze symptoms and health conditions. The service uses image processing and natural language processing technology to understand information thereby providing appropriate assessment and advice.

AI outputs

HealthyAI Coach provides output consisting of images and text containing information on health assessment and advice to the user. This information may include symptom analysis health status predictions and suggestions for personal care measures.

Proposal Video

Placeholder for Spotlight Day Pitch-presentations. Video's will be added by the DF team when available.

  • Total Milestones


  • Total Budget

    $100,000 USD

  • Last Updated

    16 May 2024

Milestone 1 - API Calls & Hostings


This milestone represents the required reservation of 25% of your total requested budget for API calls or hosting costs. Because it is required we have prefilled it for you and it cannot be removed or adapted.


You can use this amount for payment of API calls on our platform. Use it to call other services or use it as a marketing instrument to have other parties try out your service. Alternatively you can use it to pay for hosting and computing costs.


$25,000 USD

Milestone 2 - Friendly user interface design


To develop a disease symptom database for the project we will take the following steps: - Research and Data Collection: Collaborate with medical professionals and medical research organizations to gather detailed information on common and rare disease symptoms. This data may include a description of symptoms causes mechanisms of development and diagnostic and therapeutic measures. - Building a Database: Use appropriate database technologies to build a large database with updated and diverse information about disease symptoms. Basic attributes may include symptom name description cause association with other conditions and other related information. - Data Analysis and Processing: Conduct data analysis and processing to standardize and create structure for effective retrieval and search. Algorithms and data analysis techniques can be applied to mine information from unstructured data. - Testing and Evaluation: Conduct testing and evaluation of database reliability and accuracy ensuring that the information provided is accurate and trustworthy to users.


We will provide research materials on common disease symptoms collected from reliable sources such as scientific articles medical books and documents from reputable medical organizations. Provides data on related diseases including information on symptoms diagnosis and treatment methods. This data will be collected from medical databases or in collaboration with medical professionals. Provides data on health-enhancing exercises including appropriate exercises for each type of disease and symptom. This data can be obtained from sources such as exercise manuals or from fitness experts. Completely and scientifically build a disease symptom database for the HealthyAI Coach project.


$15,000 USD

Milestone 3 - Friendly user interface design


During the user interface design process for the HealthyAI Coach project we focused on creating an easy-to-use and user-friendly experience so that users can easily provide symptom information and receive information. respond effectively. First we use UI/UX design principles to create an intuitive and engaging user interface. Elements such as colors images and icons are arranged logically to create appeal and are easy on the eyes. Next we optimize the user experience by ensuring that the app's features and functions are arranged logically and are easy to find. Navigation buttons and controls are placed in convenient and accessible locations helping users navigate through the steps naturally. Furthermore we provide clear and easy-to-understand instructions to assist users in using the application. Tutorials are integrated directly into the user interface making it easy for users to understand and use features effectively. Thanks to these measures we are confident that HealthyAI Coach's user interface will provide a great experience and provide maximum support to users in their health care journey.


Evidence of completing UX/UI interface construction is provided and achieving specific criteria such as: - Interactive elements such as buttons scroll bars and menus are designed to create positive user interaction. The flexibility and variety of interactive features have attracted attention and interest from users. - Optimized User Experience: The user interface is optimized to provide the best possible user experience. Careful consideration of small details such as colors images and text has created an enjoyable and impressive experience space for users.


$20,000 USD

Milestone 4 - Launched the MVP version


During the launch of the MVP version of the HealthyAI Coach project we conducted the following tasks in a detailed and systematic way: - Core Feature Development and API Integration: First we focused on developing the core features of the application including symptom diagnosis and health consultation functions. We integrate APIs from medical and sports data sources to provide accurate and diverse information to users. - Testing and Debug: After completing feature development we conduct thorough testing to ensure the stability and accuracy of the website. We perform automated and manual tests to detect and fix errors and bugs that may occur during use. - Deployment on Hosting Platform: Once the application has been tested and debugged we proceed to deploy the website on a hosting platform. We choose the right hosting platform and ensure that the website is continuously and stably accessible to users. By performing the above work carefully and professionally we were able to launch the MVP version of the HealthyAI Coach project with core features that operate effectively and stably providing users Experience the best health possible.


The MVP product can be distributed with the following acceptance criteria: HealthyAI Coach is a web application capable of identifying and assessing disease symptoms providing health advice and recommending appropriate exercises fit. Acceptance criteria for this product are stability accuracy in identifying symptoms ability to give accurate health advice and suggest exercises appropriate to the user's health condition.


$32,000 USD

Milestone 5 - Testing and releasing the HealthyAI Coach service


Testing and releasing the HealthyAI Coach service is a careful process to ensure functionality and reliability: - Testing: Before releasing the service we conduct thorough testing to evaluate its performance and functionality. This includes unit testing integration testing system testing and acceptance testing. Unit testing validates each individual component integration testing ensures proper interaction between components system testing evaluates the functionality of the entire system and acceptance testing ensures that it Meets requirements identified by stakeholders. - Bug Fixes and Optimizations: Any issues identified during testing including bugs performance limitations or usability issues will be addressed and fixed. Additionally optimizations can be performed to enhance performance scalability and user experience. - Release the Service to Everyone After All Testing Feedback and Optimizations are Completed the HealthyAI Coach Service is Ready for Final Release. This includes deploying the service into production environments and making it available to the target user audience. Once released tracking and analytics are needed to track service performance user engagement and overall satisfaction. This enables continuous improvement based on real-world usage data.


AI service: HealthyAI Coach on the web platform is completed the Community can experience it. A review of user feedback is provided afterwards.


$5,000 USD

Milestone 6 - Marketing activities Website/Support channels


The HealthyAI Coach project will implement a multi-channel marketing strategy using content marketing social media marketing online advertising collaboration and affiliation and email marketing to engage users . Once completed we will maintain the site by regularly updating content supporting live chat and optimizing user experience to create a convenient and engaging environment for users.


We will have a summary report on the marketing implementation process meeting the following criteria: Providing an overview of deployed marketing strategies and their performance. This report includes metrics on the effectiveness of online advertising campaigns social media interactions conversion rates from marketing campaigns as well as user feedback and community comments. copper. In this way comprehensive reports help reshape marketing strategies adjust activities and clearly define the next development direction of the project.


$3,000 USD

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    May 18, 2024 | 12:22 PM



    • Feasibility 5
    • Viability 4
    • Desirabilty 4
    • Usefulness 5
    The main method to keep data completely secure

    I realize the challenge is that medical and personal data need to be absolutely confidential. This is extremely important.
    Please share key methods to keep data completely secure. Thank you team.
    I believe the team can do it because the team leader is a reputable individual in the Vietnamese community.

  • 0
    Joseph Gastoni
    May 14, 2024 | 7:29 AM



    • Feasibility 3
    • Viability 2
    • Desirabilty 2
    • Usefulness 4
    HealthyAI Coach has potential to be valuable tool.

    HealthyAI Coach has potential to be a valuable tool for user health awareness. Careful planning and execution are required to ensure data security, regulatory compliance, and user trust in the AI's capabilities. Demonstrating the accuracy of the AI model and its effectiveness in improving user health outcomes is critical for long-term success.


    • Moderate: Developing and maintaining an accurate AI model for symptom analysis requires significant data and expertise.
    • Strengths: The project leverages existing technologies (AI, blockchain) and builds upon medical research data.
    • Weaknesses: Ensuring the accuracy and security of medical data and complying with healthcare regulations are challenges.


    • Moderate: Success depends on user adoption, regulatory approval, and competition from existing health apps.
    • Strengths: The focus on early diagnosis, personalization, and user-friendliness can be attractive to users.
    • Weaknesses: Gaining user trust in AI-based health advice and competing with established healthcare providers are hurdles.


    • Moderate: A personalized AI health assistant can be desirable for users seeking convenient health information.
    • Strengths: The potential for early disease detection, personalized exercise recommendations, and readily available information can be appealing.
    • Weaknesses: Users may be concerned about data privacy and the limitations of AI in replacing professional medical advice.


    • Moderate: HealthyAI Coach has the potential to improve user awareness of health issues and encourage healthy habits.
    • Strengths: The project can promote preventative healthcare and potentially reduce the burden on medical professionals.
    • Weaknesses: The effectiveness of the AI model in providing accurate diagnoses and the long-term impact on user health need evaluation.

    Besides, the project should consider:

    • A clear strategy for data privacy, security, and compliance with healthcare regulations is crucial.
    • Building trust through transparency about the AI's limitations and emphasizing it as a tool to supplement, not replace, professional medical advice is important.
    • Pilot testing with a limited group of users can help refine the AI model and user interface before a wider launch.

    Here are some strengths of this project:

    • Addresses a growing user interest in convenient access to health information.
    • Combines AI with a large database of disease symptoms for potentially accurate symptom analysis.
    • Focuses on user-friendliness and emphasizes the role of the AI as a health companion.

    Here are some challenges to address:

    • Ensuring the accuracy and security of medical data and complying with healthcare regulations.
    • Gaining user trust in AI-based health advice, especially for serious medical conditions.
    • Demonstrating the effectiveness of the AI model in improving user health outcomes.

    By focusing on data security, user privacy, transparent communication about limitations, and ongoing development based on user feedback, HealthyAI Coach can become a valuable resource for users seeking to manage their health and well-being.


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