Deep Funding Party in the Ruby Cathedral

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Deep Funding Party in the Ruby Cathedral

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$10,000 USD

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Welcome to the Ruby Cathedral! Join us for an unforgettable virtual party promoting Deep Funding and SingularityNET's dynamic community. Our upscale, futuristic venue is designed to dazzle and delight. Experience two levels of cutting-edge entertainment, complete with a VIP antechamber and a blend of timeless and futuristic attractions. Marvel at our display stage featuring present and near-future technologies. Mingle at the Kathedral Bar. Be captivated by our magnificent two-story main stage, under the watchful gaze of the goddesses of entertainment. Sentient A.I., legacy wetware, fashion icon, cyber enthusiast, augmented human, Belter, or pure Earther, the Ruby Cathedral welcomes you!

Proposal Description

How Our Project Will Contribute To The Growth Of The Decentralized AI Platform

The Ruby Cathedral celebration will demonstrate the potential of SingularityNET by showcasing innovative AI services in an immersive, engaging setting. This might attract a diverse audience of developers, influencers, & tech enthusiasts, fostering networking and collaboration opportunities. By highlighting real-world uses and success stories, we can show the platform's capabilities in a new way, encouraging more developers to join, contribute, and utilize SingularityNET for their AI projects.

Our Team

Team lead is Kenn Mayfield, partner in hundo's CareeCon22. Kenn focuses on both entertainment & culture via the Ruby Room, and on ecology and AI. After years in visual communications & mobile development, Kenn has focused since 2020 on immersive worlds for STEM, counselling, events, meditation and business.

The Ruby Cathedral designer is Alper Zini, accomplished 3D modeler and architectural specialist. From a floor plan and mood boards, Alper built and textured this amazing environment.

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Xyris XR