A Hackathon design RFP for State University of NY

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A Hackathon design RFP for State University of NY

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$25,000 USD

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NY State is the home of the financial district of the world - NY City. The State University of New York (SUNY) system is one of the largest public university systems in the United States. Per GPT "it comprises 64 individual campuses throughout NYS, including universities, colleges, and community colleges. These campuses are spread across the state." NY has the number 1 University according to Coinify Newsroom for Blockchain education in the world. This RFP will design a series of individual Hackathons across the SUNY system involving politicians, media, colleges, students, parents and NY Investment Firms interested in AI/AGI. It will culminate with a championship round to select the best.

Proposal Description

Company Name (if applicable)


How our project will contribute to the growth of the decentralized AI platform

The project will focus on the NY SUNY educational system initially to have a rolling Hackathon competition to select the best teams and projects in the NY area. The media attention on the Financial capital of the world will bring attention to Snet, DeepFunding, AGI and the DAPPS that are created throughout the SUNY system. The best of the results from the Hackathon will create new tools and a focus on the AI platform. The project will be designed to expand into a USA college championship series.

The core problem we are aiming to solve

The Core problem is a lack of AI developers and builders in the US and intially NY. This RFP will hopefully be the first in a series of rolling Hackathons across State Universities throughout the US. By focusing on NY the financial center of the world media attention will focus on AI and Deepfunding/Snet specifically. Financial rewards to the participating students will incentivise particiapation in the Hackathons.

Financial partnership potential with NY Financial instituitons is a secondary issue that can be explored during the formation of the RFP and the US championship series of Hackathons as it develops.

Our specific solution to this problem

The specific solution is an instate championship series of Hackathons in the NYS SUNY (public Universities and Colleges) for each instituiton. The winners from each campus will advance to a state championship with the top three winners, as judged by a panel, winning awards, and financial rewards. 

The Hackathons will be designed specifically towards AI/AGI programs/Dapps to build up the SNET platform. The Hackathons will focus attention on the ecosytem and help bring attention to the need for builders and coders. By creating a media campaign the Hackathons will involve Politicians, Financial Instituitions, College Educators, Parents and students through college pride.

Should this initial RFP Hackathon prove successful in NYS it is envisioned to roll the Hackathons across the US states and eventually create a national AIS championship.

The competition and our USPs


Describe how your solution distinguishes itself from other solutions (if exist) and how it will succeed in the market.

Cardano4Seniors was a Cardano funded educational project. It created a Risk Management platform for Seniors and all othere interested in Crypto. The main team member is a NYS resident and was an educator once at NY College. 

Currently there are no other proposals to bring BGI Hackathons to the US market in DeepFunding.

Our team

The team main strengths are its knowledge of Snet, DeepFunding, Cardano, Educational systems and NY State and its infrastructure. The core member and lead writer is an original SNET Ambassador. He has been involved in DeepFunding including serving on the Review Circle, The Focus Group and several side initiatives. He has also headed up the SNeT Ambassadors Strategy Guild and Education Guild and has been the founder of financial companies and a family farm.

View Team

What we still need besides budget?


Proposal Video

Placeholder for Spotlight Day Pitch-presentations. Video's will be added by the DF team when available.

  • Total Milestones


  • Total Budget

    $25,000 USD

  • Last Updated

    18 May 2024

Milestone 1 - Planning Stage 1


Contract signing and paperwork. Initial Ideation of Strategy on how to develop and structure a statewide SUNY Hackathon RFP. Time frame is Month 1 after award and contracts. The basis of budget is between 50 and 75 per hour depending on administrative research time and writing time. MS 1 envisions about 100 hours of research time and several hours of administrative work. All work will be time tracked with any unused time forwarded to MS 4 or returned to DF treasury if unused. Excess time will be absorbed by the team.


1. Strategy on identification of metrics to determine which SUNY programs should be included. 2. Strategy to contact important state politicians to build support. The SUNY system is a public school system with over 60 Campuses which will involve local and regional politicians. 3. Media strategy. 4. Educator incentive strategies. 5. Budget structure of the Hackathon contests. 6. Strategic parameters on potential partners.


$5,000 USD

Milestone 2 - Planning Stage 2 - Timeframes of Academic year.


Coordination of RFP with Round 5/6 timeframe and coordination of Campus Academic schedules to optimize Hackathon contest timeframe. Time deliverable in Month 2. MS 2 is mostly research strategy and writing at 75 per hour for majority of Deliverables.


1. RFP Writing schedule and framework. 2. Round 5 or Round 6 DeepFunding optimization for RFP presentation.3. Campus schedules in light of holidays testing etc to optimize Hackathon schedule. 4. Strategic timeframe optimization for Hackathon schedule.5. Hackathon rules and budgets.


$5,000 USD

Milestone 3 - RFP Framework construction & writing of RFP.


Construction of RFP outline and Framework based on Research. Writing and editing of RFP for delivery in time for DFR 5 or 6 depending on Campus scheduling optimization research. Framework and RFP writing including editing is expecting 5- 6 weeks of full time work. Editing is budgeted at 50 writing is 75 which will consume around 200 hours.


1. Completed RFP for SUNY Hackathon and competition including budgets for R5 or R6 DeepFunding


$12,000 USD

Milestone 4 - Miscellaneous


Reserve for Miscellaneous expenses. Billed as expensed at end of project after MS 3 is completed.


To be billed as needed for Miscellaneous expenses such as GPT for research FOIL (Freedom of Information data) requests postage and travel to NY Capital or other travel to campuses or politicians to move the project forward. Additional editing if needed. Other unforeseen expenses.


$3,000 USD

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    Joseph Gastoni
    May 20, 2024 | 3:17 AM



    • Feasibility 3
    • Viability 3
    • Desirabilty 3
    • Usefulness 4
    SUNY AI/AGI Hackathon series has the potential

    This project proposes a series of Hackathons focused on AI/AGI within the SUNY (State University of New York) system, culminating in a championship round. Here's a breakdown of its strengths and weaknesses:


    • Moderate: Organizing large-scale Hackathons requires significant planning, logistics, and resource management.
    • Strengths: The proposer has experience organizing educational projects and connections within the NYS education system.
    • Weaknesses: Securing funding, attracting high-profile participants (politicians, investors), and ensuring media coverage can be challenging.


    • Moderate: Success depends on attracting student participation, generating media attention, and potentially securing financial partnerships.
    • Strengths: The focus on AI/AGI aligns with current trends and could attract student interest.
    • Weaknesses: Competition from other Hackathons and potential lack of awareness about DeepFunding and SNET among participants.


    • Moderate: For students interested in AI/AGI and potentially winning awards, this can be desirable.
    • Strengths: The project offers an opportunity for students to showcase their skills, learn about AI, and potentially win financial rewards.
    • Weaknesses: The focus on DeepFunding and SNET might limit appeal to students unfamiliar with these platforms.


    • Moderate (in proposal stage): The proposal outlines an idea for promoting AI/AGI education and potentially identifying promising student talent.
    • Strengths: This project has the potential to increase student interest in AI/AGI development and build awareness about DeepFunding and SNET.
    • Weaknesses: The long-term impact on the number of AI developers, DeepFunding contributions, and overall platform growth needs evaluation.

    Additional Points:

    • A clear focus on the educational value of the Hackathons alongside the competition aspect is crucial.
    • Developing a strong marketing strategy to attract student participation and media attention is important.
    • Partnering with relevant AI/blockchain organizations or companies can enhance the project's visibility and potential benefits.

    the SUNY AI/AGI Hackathon series has the potential to be a valuable educational and promotional tool. However, careful planning, a strong marketing strategy, and building partnerships are required to ensure its success.

    Here are some strengths of this project:

    • Targets a large and relevant audience (SUNY students) with a growing field of interest (AI/AGI).
    • Leverages the proposer's experience in education and potential connections within the NYS system.
    • Has a clear competition structure with potential educational benefits and financial rewards for students.

    Here are some challenges to address:

    • Securing funding, attracting high-profile participants, and generating significant media attention for a regional Hackathon series.
    • Balancing the focus on AI/AGI education with promoting DeepFunding and SNET to avoid alienating potential student participants.
    • Demonstrating the long-term impact on the number of AI developers, DeepFunding contributions, and overall platform growth for SingularityNET.

    May 20, 2024 | 11:52 AM
    Project Owner

    Joseph, thank you for your review - always appreciate them. I would like to address one of your main critiques - regarding securing funding. I would like to point out and emphasize this is a "design proposal for a RFP (Request for Proposal)". This pool as I understand it is that Deep Funding is funding the writing of the RFP if we get voted in. Then DeepFunding will provide a the funding for the winning Proposal in the next round. So funding would not be an issue as it would be provided by DeepFunding if the RFP were selected. Attracting additional revenue or matching revenue would - if the RFPs include these thoughts, be an additional and possibly surplus source. Again, Thanks for your review

  • 0
    May 17, 2024 | 10:30 AM



    • Feasibility 4
    • Viability 4
    • Desirabilty 4
    • Usefulness 4
    Hackathons Spark the Future of AI/AGI

    The NY State AI/AGI Hackathon project has the potential to make a significant contribution to the development of AI talent and the growth of the AI/AGI ecosystem in the United States. The project is feasible, sustainable, desirable, and useful. With the support of Cardano, Snet, and other stakeholders, the project has a high chance of success.


    • High feasibility: The project is well-defined and has a clear implementation plan.
    • Proven technology: The project leverages existing technologies such as Snet, DeepFunding, and Cardano.
    • Experienced team: The project team has the necessary expertise in AI, blockchain, and education.


    • Sustainable funding: The project has the potential to attract funding from Cardano, Snet, and other stakeholders.
    • Scalable model: The project can be scaled to other states and universities.
    • Community support: The project can leverage the support of the Snet and Cardano communities.


    • Unique approach: The project combines AI education with Hackathons to attract young talent.
    • High demand: There is a growing demand for AI/AGI developers in the United States.
    • Strategic location: The project is centered in New York State, a global financial hub.


    • Skills development: The project will provide students with valuable AI/AGI development skills.
    • Innovation potential: The project can lead to the development of innovative AI/AGI applications.
    • Ecosystem growth: The project will promote the growth of the Snet and Cardano ecosystems.


      • Secure funding from Cardano, Snet, and other potential sponsors.
      • Develop a strong marketing and outreach strategy to attract participants.
      • Establish partnerships with universities and other educational institutions.
      • Collaborate with industry leaders to identify real-world AI/AGI challenges for the Hackathons.
      • Create a sustainable model for expanding the Hackathons to other states and countries.

    May 17, 2024 | 12:28 PM
    Project Owner

    Thank you for your review. Do you have any suggestions for improvements?




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