The LOET: AGI Autistic Career Platform

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The LOET: AGI Autistic Career Platform

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$150,000 USD

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Autistic adults face alarmingly high unemployment rates, up to 85%, and have shorter lifespans. Research on autism across cultures, ages, and genders is limited. We propose a comprehensive solution: a job and support matching ML model tailored to neurodiverse needs, generative comic-style avatars with a resume builder, a virtual test economy using AGIX, onboarding to AGIX/ASI, SingularityNET, and Deep Funding, and the long-term development of an Autistic-empathic AGI with OpenCog Hyperon. These initiatives aim to create a vital platform for neurodiverse individuals on SingularityNET.

Proposal Description

Company Name (if applicable)

The LOET (League of Extraordinary Talent)

How our project will contribute to the growth of the decentralized AI platform

Assured by our past success building services for SingularityNET, we will expand the Marketplace with critical new AI services for emerging neurodivergent talent. Our goal is to invite our diverse community & improve employment outcomes.

The marketing proficiency of the LOET team and our network will continuously promote our ongoing collaboration with SingularityNET.

We're also developing outreach modules for families, skills, employment, and personal development alongside our technical proposal.

The core problem we are aiming to solve

Many neurodivergent individuals face significant challenges finding employment (1.4) due to systemic issues such as biased CV filtering (6.2) by employers and recruitment agencies, interview practices, requests for perceptual & cognitive accommodations, & culture fit.
These barriers contribute to feelings of anxiety and impact overall well-being for many adults with neurodivergent minds.

Just 24% of autistic adults hold steady employment, with only 6% competitively employed (1.2). Additionally, our community faces shorter lifespans, ranging from 39 to 54 years, and elevated rates of mental health issues (1.5)
The societal cost of lifetime productivity loss per capita is estimated between 0.5 to 3 million dollars USD (1.7).

Late diagnosis is prevalent, with 80% of female autists going unrecognized or misdiagnosed (1.9). There's also a genuine concern regarding mental health, as females feel compelled to 'mask' their neurodiverse traits to excel in the workplace, especially within the technology sector.


Our specific solution to this problem

The LOET's Deep Funding proposal is based on two years of nurturing collaborations, ideation, focus groups, validation and ongoing communication with potential corporate partners who are willing to onboard based on our success here.

1. Create and train an AI model specifically designed to match neurodivergent skills, traits, and workplace requirements, catering to both employees and self-employed freelancers.

2. Design an AI-driven Generative Art protocol capable of producing resumes in the distinctive branding style of the League of Extraordinary Talents. Our iconic avatars and character designs will serve as the foundation for unique comic books depicting our talents, their superpowers, and their closest associates. As they advance in their careers, the generative narrative embedded within their individual resumes will evolve & adapt accordingly.

3. Facilitate onboarding to SingularityNET & Deep Funding, providing introductions to AGIX/ASI and fostering collaboration for building a benevolent AGI through online engagement within the SingularityNET community.

4. Develop additional income streams with a trial AGIX/ASI-based virtual economy, implementing an 'Earn As You Learn' model to support and encourage continuous learning and skill development.

5. Investigate the potential of OpenCOG in creating a shareable knowledge representation system that captures the neurodivergent experience in various aspects of work, social interaction, and daily life in the form of a beneficial AGI.

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