SkinScan AI: Canine Dermatologic Diagnosis

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SkinScan AI: Canine Dermatologic Diagnosis

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$150,000 USD

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SkinScan AI: Canine Dermatologic Diagnosis leverages custom AI technology to revolutionize dermatologic care for dogs. Our solution, developed for deployment on the SingularityNET AI marketplace, enhances diagnostic accuracy and treatment efficiency. By making advanced veterinary diagnostics widely available, SkinScan AI aims to democratize high-quality healthcare for pets, aligning with SingularityNET’s vision of accessible and decentralized AI applications. This initiative not only improves pet care but also introduces innovative AI capabilities to the global market.

Proposal Description

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VeterinaryDAO SRL

How our project will contribute to the growth of the decentralized AI platform

SkinScan AI: Canine Dermatologic Diagnosis will expand the SingularityNET AI marketplace by adding a specialized veterinary diagnostic service. Our project introduces a novel application of computer vision in animal healthcare, enhancing the platform's utility and attracting a broader user base. This aligns with SingularityNET's mission to foster diverse AI applications, promoting growth and innovation within the decentralized AI ecosystem.

The core problem we are aiming to solve

The core problem SkinScan AI aims to solve is the high prevalence and recurring nature of dermatological conditions in dogs, which have been consistently identified as the leading reason for veterinary visits.

According to industry reports, for the 12th year, atopic or allergic dermatitis is the most common health issue for dogs with 410,500 individual claims received in 2023 (up from 373,000 the year before). Dermatitis ranks as the top canine condition with an average initial treatment cost of $240 within the first month.

The frequent occurrence and the significant cost associated with managing these conditions highlight a substantial need for more efficient diagnostic solutions. VeterinaryDAO's SkinScan AI will contribute to better management of dermatological conditions, ultimately enhancing animal welfare and reducing the economic impact on pet healthcare systems.

Our specific solution to this problem

VeterinaryDAO's SkinScan AI aims to transform veterinary dermatology by providing a user-friendly AI tool for diagnosing canine skin conditions. The service is designed for direct use by veterinarians and pet owners alike, with the goal of launching first on Android platforms.

Through its deployment on the SingularityNET AI Marketplace, SkinScan AI: Canine Dermatologic Diagnosis seeks to enhance diagnostic efficiency with quick, reliable skin condition identification. The integration of this service into the VeterinaryDAO app will democratize access to veterinary care, making expert-level diagnostics more available and contributing to better health outcomes for dogs worldwide.

The project's future phases plan to extend the integration of this service on the iOS version of the VeterinaryDAO mobile app, broadening its reach and impact.

Project details

SkinScan AI: Canine Dermatologic Diagnosis is an innovative project developed by VeterinaryDAO to enhance how dermatological conditions in dogs are diagnosed using advanced AI technologies. The project is built around the creation of a sophisticated AI-driven tool that is accessible to both veterinarians and pet owners, aiming to provide quick, reliable dermatological assessments directly through the VeterinaryDAO mobile app.

Development and Training of AI Model

The core of the SkinScan AI project involves the training of a custom AI algorithm from scratch. This process begins with the meticulous collection and annotation of a diverse range of canine dermatological images. Each image is carefully labeled with details about the skin condition, severity, and any other pertinent clinical notes, which are critical for training the AI to recognize and diagnose a variety of skin diseases accurately.

Integration and Deployment

Upon successful development and training, the AI model will be deployed on the SingularityNET AI marketplace. This platform is chosen for its global reach and its support for continuous updates, which allows SkinScan AI to integrate the latest advancements in AI technology swiftly. The presence on SingularityNET not only broadens the potential user base but also aligns with the platform’s mission to democratize AI technology by making high-grade tools accessible to a global audience.

Mobile Application Integration

Following deployment, the SkinScan AI tool will be integrated into an already in-development VeterinaryDAO Android mobile app. This integration is designed to allow both veterinary professionals and pet owners to easily upload images of canine dermatological conditions and receive instant diagnostic feedback. The app will provide detailed reports that include the diagnosis, a confidence level of the AI regarding the diagnosis, and suggested steps for treatment or further consultation.

Dual Accessibility

The dual accessibility of the SkinScan AI tool — available to both professionals and direct consumers — is a strategic move to democratize veterinary care. By making sophisticated diagnostic tools directly available, VeterinaryDAO aims to empower pet owners with knowledge and control over their pets’ health, while providing veterinarians with a powerful tool to enhance their service offerings. This approach not only improves the speed and accuracy of diagnosing skin conditions but also significantly reduces the time and costs associated with traditional diagnostic methods.

Future Plans and Expansion

The long-term strategy for SkinScan AI includes not only enhancing its capabilities over time through continuous learning and updates but also expanding its scope to cover other animals and additional platforms, including iOS. Future developments will focus on broadening the range of detectable conditions and integrating other types of veterinary medical data to create a more comprehensive diagnostic tool.


SkinScan AI represents a significant advancement in veterinary medicine, combining cutting-edge AI technology with practical, user-friendly applications to improve pet care. By leveraging the power of AI, VeterinaryDAO is set to transform the landscape of veterinary diagnostics, making it more accessible, efficient, and accurate. This project not only aligns with the growing trend of integrating technology into everyday health care but also sets a new standard for how technology can be used to enhance animal welfare and support veterinary professionals.

The competition and our USPs


Describe how your solution distinguishes itself from other solutions (if exist) and how it will succeed in the market.

SkinScan AI sets itself apart using a blue ocean strategy by enabling both veterinarians and pet owners to diagnose canine dermatological conditions directly via a mobile app, making advanced diagnostics accessible and convenient. Unlike traditional methods that require specialized equipment and clinic visits, our solution uses AI to analyze skin images quickly and accurately, allowing for immediate treatment decisions.

This user-friendly approach reduces healthcare costs and improves animal welfare by shortening the diagnosis time. Continuously improving through machine learning, SkinScan AI adapts to new dermatological data, ensuring it stays effective in the evolving veterinary market.

Our unique combination of accessibility, accuracy, and adaptability can position VeterinaryDAO's SkinScan AI as a leader in pet health technology.

Our team

Mihai Bărbulescu and Sorina Urcan form a dynamic team for VeterinaryDAO. Mihai, with extensive experience in software development lifecycles, marketing for AI based ecosystems, blockchain, and tech, complements Sorina’s deep veterinary expertise with over 26 years total cumulated experience. This blend of skills ensures innovative and practical AI solutions for pet care.

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Android mobile app in development

Started development of the VeterinaryDAO mobile app for Android with the objective of releasing a private alpha version later this year.