Empowering Changemakers with an Ethically-Aligned AI assistant

Social Systems Lab's proposal outlines the development of Co:do, a geobased social networking platform for changemakers and co-creators. Co:do aims to foster positive societal change by connecting individuals, movements, and mission-based organizations globally while facilitating local activism. The platform incorporates unique features such as geobased networking, semantic AI matchmaking, and personalized AI assistants. To enhance its capabilities, the proposal seeks $26,000 in funding to integrate SingularityNET's decentralized and ethically-aligned AI platform into Co:do. The proposal outlines a phased approach, including research, integration, scalability planning, user acquisition, and user testing, with a focus on privacy and transparency. Users' voluntary contributions will support the ecosystem and the development of an Altruistic Wallet for project funding. The proposal aligns with SingularityNET's mission of creating benevolent, decentralized AI platforms.