Alignment-Optimized Fundraising Tool for AI Research and Entrepreneurship

RnDAO and ReLab, under the Regenerative Organizations Laboratory, aim to address the problem of stakeholder misalignment in AI development, particularly AGI, by developing the Preferential Return on Investment Soft-Capped Multistakeholder Model (PRISM). PRISM is designed to provide an alternative fundraising model for AI projects, ensuring alignment between entrepreneurs, researchers, investors, and collaborators, prioritizing humanity's wellbeing and safety. The grant application seeks funding to further research and apply PRISM to AI development and alignment, potentially offering a solution to the risks posed by competitive dynamics in the AI field. The project involves research planning, user interviews, design adaptations, presentation, validation, and publishing of findings. It will be conducted in collaboration with SingularityNET, leveraging both organizations' social channels and networks for promotion. The findings will be made publicly available under a creative commons license. Mitigation strategies include a collaborative alliance and the possibility of disproving the hypothesis.