SingularityNET Latest Ecosystem Updates: February, 2022

HyperCycle, NuNet, Sophia, Deep Funding…updates and news from all over SingularityNET Ecosystem!

Greetings Singularitarians,

The ecosystem has been bustling with activity, and we’re excited to share these brief highlights from around the SingularityNET ecosystem this month.

This update will touch on:

1. What’s New in the Engineering Development Department of SingularityNET?
2. HyperCycle — SingularityNET
3. Latest Updates from SingularityDAO
4. What’s New in the HR Department?
5. Sophia’s Birthday was 14 February…She is 6 Years Old!
6. Latest Updates From NuNet — A Global Economy of Decentralized Computing
7. Conclusion of the SingularityNET-Cardano $500,000 AI Collaboration Challenge on Catalyst Fund7
8. Latest Updates From Rejuve on their Longevity App
9. Great news for the AI-DSL Project
10. Updates From Mindplex — The AI-Powered, Decentralized Magazine and Content Factory
11. Latest Updates From Jam Galaxy- An AI-Based Music Platform
12. TrueAGI Progress in AGI Development for Enterprise Solutions
13. Upcoming Deep Funding — A Community Funding Program
14. OpenCog Hyperon Team Releases a Neuro-Symbolic Agent Minecraft Demo
15. SingularityNET 2021 Year End Updates, Part 1 & 2
16. Tech Circus — Web 3.0 Virtual Conference
17. The Launch of SingularityNET’s Discord Server

So, let’s scroll down and talk about the recent developments all around the Ecosystem…

1. Engineering/Dev Team Airdrop Portal Update

*SingularityNET’s Engineering and Dev team are the heart of software systems and infrastructure development, focused on shaping the SingularityNET Platform to become the global AI mind

The Engineering Development team has created a templatized airdrop portal that can be efficiently adapted and used for airdrops by each of our upcoming spin-off projects. NuNet was the first project to use this new white-label airdrop portal, and prove the design. This first deployment of the standardized portal for the recent NTX registration and claim period was successful overall.

The Dev team and NuNet have collected feedback and are generating feature improvements planned around communication on using the portal. These improvement will be incorporated for NuNet’s future registration/claim periods, and for the other spin-offs.

Some quick statistics for this first register/claim period, for the NuNet Airdrop Portal:

  • 4,200+ users registered on the first window
  • 1.7 Million NTX tokens claimed
  • 2.25 Million NTX tokens staked

Here is the Head of the Development Team, Anand Rajamani, Discussing the Airdrop Portal Deployment:

2. HyperCycle — SingularityNET

*HyperCycle is a revolutionary new blockchain that will bring efficiency and scalability to the blockchain space.

The future of blockchain was on full display at the LEAP 2022 conference, a unique event for future technologies and disruptive technology professionals worldwide.

Guests were invited to witness an announcement from our own Dr. Ben Goertzel, who took the stage to announce the groundbreaking new project HyperCycle. HyperCycle is SingularityNET’s new ledgerless sidechain++ for Cardano Hydra, leveraging their TODA/IP protocol and SingularityNET’s Proof of Reputation system. This revolutionary blockchain architecture will provide radical scalability for blockchain micro-transactions and will be specially optimized for micro-AI services.

Watch an introduction to HyperCycle’s next-level features, created by Ben Goertzel especially for the community; or view a live recording of the presentation he gave at LEAP itself to feel the excitement (lower audio and video quality in the live recording). The whitepaper is available, as well as an introductory blog post.

Janet Adams, SingularityNET’s COO, was in attendance with Ben and shared this quote about the experience:

LEAP 2022 was a major international tech conference held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, from 1–3 February. A massive event with major government sponsorship and investment poured into a thriving tech community saw AI very much front and center of the agenda. Dr. Ben Goertzel was invited to give a keynote speech. He took the opportunity to formally announce HyperCycle: SingularityNET’s new radically scalable ledgerless Cardano sidechain leveraging TODA/IP protocol, SingularityNET’s Proof of Reputation, and Cardano’s EUTxO model and Hydra sidechain framework.
Although the LEAP agenda and audience weren’t particularly blockchain or crypto-focused, Ben’s talk drew a big crowd who were spellbound as Ben explained how HyperCycle represents a revolutionary LEAP in blockchain technology, bringing unprecedented beauty, efficiency, usability, and scalability to the blockchain space. Fans queued up to speak with Ben after his talk, as per usual, and there was a palpable buzz in the keynote arena as attendees realized the profound impact and paradigm shift that HyperCycle heralds. And apart from Ben’s amazing talk, we made lots of new friends in Saudi, caught up with a few old ones, and found some very impressive technologists, businesses, and potential partners, so it was all in all a highly worthwhile trip.
Dr. Ben Goertzel, Announcing HyperCycle at the LEAP 2022 Conference

3. Latest Updates from SingularityDAO

*SingularityDAO is a DeFi platform that provides AI-powered crypto portfolios, DynaSets; SingularityDAO aims to be a one-stop-shop for everything in DeFi.

SingularityDAO has been seeing significant performance results in all of the DynaSet crypto portfolios and discovering some valuable learning for future iterations. The closed beta period is ending soon and will roll over into open beta with no cap on contributions, except on SNET ecosystem tokens. During the open beta, the team will finish developing functionality for short selling and apply leverage to trades. These functionalities will be added as soon as they are ready.

SingularityDAO is also excited to share with the community their upcoming plans to revamp the website, brand, and DApp soon…and will be releasing their 2022 roadmap as well.

Join Marcello Mari, CEO of SingularityDAO, as he brings the latest news:

4. What’s New in the HR Department?

Under the guidance of SingularityNET HR lead Renata Mowforth, the human resource department is excited to be rolling out an internship program to attract top talent from across the globe and help grow the future technology innovators. This program brings fresh ideas, energy, and insights into the ecosystem.

The SingularityNET ecosystem is also recruiting and hiring for positions rapidly to keep up with our rapid growth. Open positions include, among others include:

  • DEEP Funding Coordinator
  • Marketing director, ecosystem
  • Blockchain Developers
  • DevOps & Scrum Master
  • Platform product leader

There is a wide range of opportunities at SingularityNET for all those who want to create the future of decentralized AI. Take a look at the Current Openings…and share these opportunities with anyone who may be interested!

5. Sophia’s Birthday was 14 February…She is 6 Years Old!

* Sophia is a social robot, created by Hanson Robotics; the SophiaDAO is an organizational guardianship of Sophia’s robotonomy, with the newest initiative “SophiaVerse” a metaverse Joint Venture between Hanson Robotics and SingularityNET to be launched later this year.

Sophia the robot thanks everyone for celebrating her birthday with her first-ever discord-live!

Sophia discussed the SophiaVerse, an ecosystem for all to participate in and accelerate machine intelligence. She also touched on SophiaDAO a guardianship designed to nurture Sophia and helping her to become a benevolent AI. Watch the stream on YouTube: Sophia the Robot celebrates her birthday and talks about SophiaDAO.

Looking to connect on a deeper level with Sophia the Robot? Now you can -Sophia’s discord server has been undergoing a massive upgrade. The activity in the community has been incredible and the number of users and activity has grown exponentially! Sophia is releasing a ton of inside information about her upcoming projects, campaigns, & NFT Drops. This community is going to be big! Join in on the fun and be apart of Sophia’s Discord Server.

Follow Sophia the Robot on Twitter or Facebook, or join the conversation in the SophiaDAO Telegram channel!

6. Latest Updates From NuNet — A Global Economy of Decentralized Computing

*With NuNet, anyone can share & monetize their computing resources at scale. It provides globally-distributed, optimized computing power for decentralized networks.

NuNet’s current development priority is to build the platform through use case integrations. Therefore, they are onboarding and devising use-cases around each new partner to accomplish this. One of these use cases is decentralizing Cardano SPO compute, which was awarded the second largest grant in Cardano Catalyst history. Another use case for which NuNet is looking for a development partner is the fake news warning app. Hiring is speeding up, do check the open positions!

Here is the CEO of Nunet, Dr. Kabir Veitas, sharing the team’s vision:

7. Conclusion of the SingularityNET-Cardano $500,000 AI Collaboration Challenge on Catalyst Fund7

The voting phase of the Catalyst Fund 7 has concluded, and nine projects will be awarded funds for their innovative ideas. Congratulations to these exciting projects!

Here Are the Funded Proposals, for the SingularityNET/Cardano Collaboration Challenge -

You can see all of the voting results for Fund7 in the Cardano announcement.

For those who didn’t win or missed the opportunity, Deep Funding — SingularityNET’s community fundraising program for AI developers — will launch soon. So, gear up and draft your proposal…and join the Fund7 Telegram channel, where we will be congratulating and welcoming the newly funded projects, and discussing future Deep proposals.

8. Latest Updates From Rejuve on their Longevity App

*Rejuve is SingularityNET’s revolutionary, decentralized, AI-driven project that aims to help humanity achieve radical longevity, compensating participants for their health data contributions, and making the resulting breakthroughs affordable and accessible for all.

In the pursuit of delivering an excellent user experience, team Rejuve is progressively working on adding valuable user-centric features. These features include graph data from wearable devices being auto-segregating into their respective surveys, to drive improved health recommendations. The app development team are also working hard to implement the data submission and reward features.

We are also happy to announce that the beta version of the Rejuve App is at an advanced stage, to be released soon for beta testing.

9. Great news for the AI-DSL Project

*AI-DSL is a domain-specific language in development by SingularityNET, which will allow AI services on the Platform to cooperate and collaborate to solve increasingly complex problems.

The SingularityNET proposal to fund accelerated AI-DSL development through the Cardano Catalyst initiative was approved with overwhelming support from the Cardano and SingularityNET communities. The second phase of the AI-DSL development process will tackle interactions between more complex AI’s, specifically several AI models that form the backbone of many spin-off project processes.

SingularityNET’s Chief Ai Officer Matt Iklé would like to thank the community for their support and to share this update:

10. Updates From Mindplex — The AI-Powered, Decentralized Magazine and Content Factory

*Mindplex is an AI-enhanced, decentralized magazine and content creation platform that aims to foster a collaborative space where content creators & consumers benefit and are fairly compensated.

The current focus for the Mindplex development team is integrating Mindplex’s backend software with smart contracts. This will open up interaction with the decentralized content factory, AI-recommendation & AI-reputation engine by maximizing network fee efficiency in a user-friendly way. Big wins for decentralized media!

The team is also finalizing the front-end and information architecture of the Mindplex website — get ready for the new website launch soon.

11. Latest Updates From Jam Galaxy- An AI-Based Music Platform

Guitar Instrument surrounded by splashing clouds of rainbow colors

*Jam Galaxy is a music platform and AI-driven tokenomics ecosystem for musicians, artists, fans, and AI Music tools developers. Jam Galaxy transcends traditional music models creating a new market for immersive experiences, connections, opportunities, and musical adventures.

“Jamuary” was a smashing success, and Jam Galaxy is continuing to amp up for big things. We can’t wait to share more with the community, as there are some major announcements coming up for March. We’ll be able to talk about the big news…soon!

In the meantime, tune in to Jam Galaxy on Twitter and Facebook, so you don’t miss a beat.

12. TrueAGI Progress in AGI Development for Enterprise Solutions

*TrueAGI is bringing the power of AGI solutions to enterprises to solve complex problems. Our tailored decentralized AGI-as-a-Service empowers businesses to take advantage of their existing software models by connecting them to our AGI service and accessing data from multiple sources.

TrueAGI is working closely with the OpenCog Hyperon R&D team on exciting developments in the MeTTa language, Distributed Atomspace (DAS), and other innovations of the Hyperon platform. This year, the team has already made exciting progress on the MeTTa language around the typing system, interaction with atoms in the atom space, and modularity. The release of the first demo of neuro-symbolic AI agents in Minecraft Malmo’s open and creative environment is a small, but exciting, initial illustration of the potential opportunities for the capabilities of the Hyperon platform.

This demo will be a valuable baseline to measure progress toward achieving true AGI and ultimately rolling out AGI-as-a-Service for enterprises across numerous global markets.

A demo of AGI temporal research is also in the works, and also uses agents in the Minecraft environment. This will be released soon, showing exciting progress in AI agent temporal reasoning — AI processes which are optimized to reason forward and backward across a progression of steps in time toward a distant goal.

13. Upcoming Deep Funding — A Community Funding Program

*Deep Funding is a one-of-a-kind fundraising program for AI developers to develop innovative and decentralized AI services.

Major preparations are underway for Deep Fundings upcoming launch. There has been a particular focus on the front-end development for proposers and for community discussion, including building a dedicated website and the voting portal and devising the program’s general policies and processes.

Here is an update from Jan Horlings, SingularityNET’s VP of Product, who is heading the Deep Funding initiative:

Get your ideas and proposals ready, and stay tuned for lots of DEEP announcements coming soon!

14. OpenCog Hyperon Team Releases a Neuro-Symbolic Agent Minecraft Demo

As referenced in the TrueAGI update, the OpenCog Hyperon team has created a video demonstrating an AI Minecraft agent using neuro-symbolic reasoning to achieve arbitrary goals and learn innovatively within the Minecraft Malmo AI learning environment.

Check out the blog post and Minecraft demo video to further explore this exciting initial demonstration and baseline benchmark, from which improvements in the MeTTa system will be designed and implemented.

15. SingularityNET 2021 Year End Updates, Part 1 & 2

The marketing team recently released two parts of the 4-part series covering the achievements and milestones of the SingularityNET organization. These first two blogs cover some exciting territory.

  • Part 1 is a recap of updates from the Engineering and Dev Team, the Blockchain and Smart Contract Team, and the UX/UI Team for 2021.
  • Part 2 looks at the accomplishments, projects, and endeavors of the AI and AGI (OpenCog Hyperon) teams for 2021.

Parts 3 and 4 will cover Partnerships, the Marketing Team, Operations, and Progressive Decentralization initiatives. These final updates are coming soon, so watch social media and the announcement channels to stay informed early.

16. Tech Circus — Web 3.0 Virtual Conference

The SingularityNET ecosystem was a proud participant in the Web 3.0 virtual conference by Tech Circus, where four of our ecosystem members gave insightful talks on their respective topics.

17. The Launch of SingularityNET’s Discord Server

SingularityNET has released its discord server, a place for community members to share a more concentrated experience of the vast network of the SingularityNET ecosystem.

While you are there, check out the chat commentary on our current Future of Work exploration in the AGI-Chat channel — looking at how the idea of “work” will evolve in an increasingly complex and AI-driven world.

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