Introducing HyperCycle: SingularityNET’s Radically Scalable Ledgerless Cardano Sidechain

Optimizing AI Microservices through TODA/IP Protocol, Proof of Reputation and Hydra-Based Cardano Interoperation

Greetings Singularitarians,

During the LEAP 2022 Emerging Technology Conference, I formally announced an exciting new initiative, HyperCycle. HyperCycle will be a lightweight layer 2 architecture designed to enable inexpensive, high-speed, large-scale on-chain execution of microservices. This project is specifically designed to optimize AI-related processes, and will have profound implications for many domains beyond AI that require efficient and scalable sidechain solutions.

What Is HyperCycle?

HyperCycle is a novel blockchain framework that will leverage TODA/IP ledgerless protocol, SingularityNET’s Proof of Reputation, and Cardano’s EUTxO model and Hydra sidechain framework.

  • The TODA/IP protocol, a secure ledgerless, lightweight protocol with novel consensus mechanism
  • SingularityNET’s Proof of Reputation system, a weighted liquid rank reputation system
  • Cardano’s Platform, including Plutus language and Extended UTxO model (EUTxO)
  • The Cardano Hydra sidechain protocol, enabling important security related functionality and searchability.
  • OpenCog Hyperon’s MeTTa language, deployed as an extension to Plutus and leveraged to author application-specific smart contract DSLs

HyperCycle will be a paradigm shift for AI on blockchain and will open the door to scalable micro-transactions with revolutionary speed and efficiency.

Dr. Ben Goertzel announces the HyperCycle initiative at the LEAP 2022 Emerging Technology conference
HyperCycle Announcement Presentation, LEAP 2022, Dr. Ben Goertzel

Why Do Blockchain and SingularityNET Need HyperCycle?

For blockchain technology to meet its potential, considerable scalability and efficiency improvements are required. Cardano’s blockchain design already offers a significant and necessary efficiency increase for the SingularityNET Platform, which Hydra sidechains like HyperCycle will augment.

HyperCycle will be a customized layer 2 solution, decreasing cost and increasing speed — stimulating the widespread creation, deployment, and use of modular AI systems, ideal for cooperation and collaboration. The sidechain architecture is specifically designed to optimize sophisticated multi-agent AI systems, like the micro-transaction economy envisioned between AI agents on the SingularityNET Platform.

The Details of the Three HyperCycle Components

The combined component technologies of SingularityNET, Cardano and TODA will synergistically create a secure, scalable, and uniquely optimized solution for the SingularityNET Platform to massively expand in utility, usability, and adoption.

Component 1 — TODA/IP Protocol and Asset Model

TODA/IP Protocol is an innovative alternative to the cumbersome replicated/distributed ledger technology at the core of most blockchains. Through its ledgerless design, TODA/IP Protocol massively reduces the overhead of standard ledger technologies.

TODA/IP is a radically decentralized protocol, where individual records are associated with their own localized ledgers. In this dynamic, records act as “nodes” in a blockchain network, providing their own record as well as validation to other transactions.

The second component of HyperCycle— SingularityNET’s Proof of Reputation system — will be essential in determining transaction validators, alongside the unique TODA/IP consensus mechanisms.

Component 2 — SingularityNET Proof of Reputation

HyperCycle will employ SingularityNET’s Proof of Reputation system, an algorithmic framework for adaptively updating reputation values associated with agents in a network. The system also leverages machine learning to identify and predict reputation fraud. The SingularityNET Proof of Reputation system helps avoid various types of attacks on the network, without creating burdensome overhead for transactions.

Cardano Blockchain is the third component underlying the HyperCycle design, supporting the secure coordination and transaction processing of the TODA/IP protocol and Proof of Reputation system.

Component 3 — Cardano Plutus, EUTxO, and Hydra Protocol

Cardano provides the foundational layer for HyperCycle sidechain, which leverages Cardano’s Hydra protocol, EUTxO model, and the verifiably secure Plutus smart contract language.

Cardano’s Hydra Protocol provides a flexible and secure means of processing transactions off-chain. The protocol allows rapid processing of a large number of transactions with minimal storage requirements.

The verifiably secure technology of Cardano — EUTxO and Plutus smart contract language — are also uniquely well suited to the HyperCycle sidechain. HyperCycle will run Plutus smart contracts and host more library functions exclusively available for Plutus scripts operating on the HyperCycle sidechain.

In addition, OpenCog Hyperon’s MeTTa language, a customized language for advanced AI and proto-AGI, will be deployed as a Haskell framework and utilized to create Plutus-based DSLs and low/no-code interfaces for vertical application areas like finance, medicine, social-media and supply-chain.

Dr. Ben Goertzel presents a diagram of HyperCycle Design Structure, showing the relationship between TODA/IP + SNET PoR + Cardano Hydra at LEAP 2022
HyperCycle Design Structure — TODA/IP + SNET PoR + Cardano Hydra; LEAP 2022, Dr. Ben Goertzel

Why the World Needs HyperCycle

SingularityNET was founded to promote the emergence of a benevolent Singularity through advances in AI and blockchain technology. Delivering on this vision requires advances in AI, but also a more efficient and scalable blockchain infrastructure.

HyperCycle is a critical piece of the puzzle of enabling exponential API calls on the SingularityNET Platform, through the vision of interoperating and autonomous AI agents interacting at scale. These collaborative agent interactions allow the emergence of higher AI problem solving and intelligence, towards the goal of generally intelligent systems; the scalability and speed of HyperCycle are critical to the emergence of AGI.

How To Learn More about HyperCycle

HyperCycle is in its early stages of development, with a current focus on integrating and synergizing these diverse software designs, to form a powerful and coherent whole, optimized for AI use. The project will be a collaboration between SingularityNET and TODA, with a team of technical experts drawn from both ecosystems.

To learn more about the HyperCycle architecture, its component protocols and more, visit the HyperCycle Website — read the HyperCycle Whitepaper and sign up for the Newsletter to be notified of updates.

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Dr. Ben Goertzel presents the slide “SingularityNET: A Decentralized Path to AGI” at LEAP 2022 conference
SingularityNET: A Decentralized Path to AGI, LEAP 2022, Dr. Ben Goertzel

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