What is AI-DSL?

AI-DSL stands for 'Artificial Intelligence - Domain-Specific Language' The goal of this specific language is to enable AI services to communicate and collaborate. While this could be rather straightforward in a centralized environment with AI's created according to specifications and predefined results of collaborating services, this is quite a different challenge on our decentralized AI platform. Imagine thousands of AI services with wildly variating specifications, purposes, in-, and outputs. A perfect AI-DSL would be capable of interpreting a goal, and in real-time assembling a collection of Services that would be best able to deliver, depending on the criteria of the issuer of the goal (Fast result, Cheap result, Best result, etc). Note that another important ingredient of this end goal will be a proof of reputation system that continuously monitors and rates the reputation of each service based on many criteria, such as history, creator, price, reliability, etc., as well as human assessments made by staking a service.