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Author: jan Published: October 5, 2023

Greetings Deep Funding Community,

The Deep Funding Community Focus Group is a pivotal initiative aimed at fostering deeper collaboration between our community and the internal Deep Funding team. This group will serve as a bridge, facilitating dialogue and feedback while striving to make our grant program truly community-driven. Its primary purpose is to advise and inform, ensuring that our mission aligns with the community’s vision and fosters the sustainable growth of the Decentralised AI Platform. Through a more focused and consistent approach, we aspire to delve into key topics, enhance community engagement, and provide valuable insights for the benefit of all stakeholders.




Hey there, I’m Okan, currently residing in the vibrant city of London. My academic journey is approaching its peak as I near the completion of my master’s degree in Investment Banking at Queen Mary University of London. Beyond the world of finance, I’m deeply intrigued by the realm of Decentralised AI, which I believe holds incredible potential. I’m thrilled to be part of the Deep Funding community, where my interests converge, and I look forward to engaging with fellow enthusiasts who share my curiosity about the future of technology and its impact on our world.


I am Ubio Obu, I reside in both Delhi and Lagos. My academic background is in Computer science and Engineering as well as in Artificial Intelligence. I am the CEO of Remostart, a Startup focused on inclusive hiring. I have about 7 research papers in the field of AI, blockchain and social sciences that have been published in international journals like IEEE, American institute of physics etc. I have 2 patents applied and a copyright in my name. I am a Microsoft WInisder, A Kectil leadership ambassador and hold several diplomas in business.
I have worked on several novel AI projects such as developing a model to predict the herd immunity of Covid-19 and an AI based computer vision farm. But when I am not coding or doing any of those technical stuff, you find me listening to calm, quiet and soul musics or you will catch me watching football(F.C Barcelona ofcourse😆).













Hi folks! Currently, my bride of 43 years & I reside way upstate NY near Lake Champlain. We own a family farm and grow cider apples, blueberries and wine grapes that are known as cold climate – its cold here! Formerly, we grew up on LI and I attended Marist College for Biology and Environmental Science. Many years later I obtained a Masters Degree in Professional Studies at NY College. After working in water biology I went to USF&G on Maiden Lane, NYC where I trained in Risk Management, Finance, Insurance and Corporate Management. I founded and was CEO/President of Landmark Planning Grou, LLC and Risk & Safety Management, LLC in Floral Park, NY, which I sold when I was 47 in order to pursue my dream of farming.


My youngest son (3 boys and a girl) bugged me after I ignored him about Bitcoin to get into Crypto when I turned the running of the farm over to my second son. I did and eventually after study focused on Cardano and was fortunate to found Cardano4Seniors (an educational project) and get funded via Catalyst. I met Ben and team in Denver at Rarebloom and even posted a vid on the C4S Youtube on Jamband. But, I was hooked on AI/Beneficial AGI when I realised what my two Grandbabys would experience when they were my age.


I practice (30+ years) QiGong, BaGua, TaiChi Walking, Earth Meditation and some other Martial Arts. I love the time with the two boys (Grandkids) who both live within 5 minutes. And, I love the community we are .






Hello everybody, I´m Chris from Germany living in Wiesbaden (near Frankfurt). I studied electrical engineering, physics and geography. Now I am working as a teacher at a Gymnasium, educating pupils to the A level. Personally I love all kinds of outdoor activities, travelling the world and exploring nature. My first contact with crypto was in 2017 and it hasn’t let me go since then. I´ve explored the world of different ecosystems, defi, NFTs and DAO´s and finally ended up getting stuck with Singularity.net and the SingularityDAO. Why? Because I am also a big AI enthusiast and Singularity manages to make AI decentralised and gives the power back to the people. One of my side quests at the moment: Improving my English 😉





#Artist  #Archivist  #Activist

I’m Vani; I live in what is often fondly referred to as the People’s Republic of West Yorkshire, in England, and I’m a participatory artist and an archivist. (The “activist” part follows naturally!) I’m interested in 

  • co-production and governance
  • archival lacunae (whose stories are missing from the record, and why?)
  • the long history of decentralisation (people have been doing it for centuries)
  • erasing “leadership” (“Don’t walk in front of me; I may not follow. Don’t walk behind me; I may not lead. Just walk beside me and be my friend.”)
  • asset-based approaches (let’s start from our strengths, not from what we lack)
  • funding programmes that are not “funder-led” (decided by the needs and assumptions of those offering the funding) but community-led (determined by the needs and knowledge of those whom the funding is meant to support).

And I love a fancy bullet-point 🙂

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