Deep Funding Round 4: Overview and Results

Deep Funding Round 4 has officially been completed, marking another milestone in our journey toward building a community around our decentralized AI platform. We now announce the results of this round, showcasing record-setting participation in the course of 2 months. From $1,520,000 in AGIX available, $1,437,735 has been awarded to 29 proposals.

Participation Overview

This round began with a record 210 proposals submitted by the community. The eligibility review process, carried out by members of the Review Circle, successfully advanced 192 proposals to the voting phase. The Spotlight Day event also featured over 100 pitch videos, providing a dynamic platform for proposers to showcase their innovative ideas.

Community Expert Reviews

Following the eligibility checks, 40 proposals received special recommendations from our community experts. 47 experts evaluated the proposals resulting in 750 individual assessments, forming the basis for the final recommendations defined in group sessions.

The full list of recommended proposals can be seen in our Proposal Summary Sheet, which helped voters make informed decisions (accessible here).

Voting and Announcement of Awarded Proposals

The community has spoken, and the votes have been counted. We are now to announce the selected proposals that will be awarded funding. These projects have been chosen based on their innovation, potential impact, and alignment with our platform's goals, from the perspective of our active community members:


Pool: Community Driven RFPs Total final rewards: $120,000
Scalable MeTTa Knowledge Graphs $120,000


Pool: Ideation-phase Total final reward: $25,000
Next Trend LAB: Exploring Decentralized AI for IoT $5.000
SMART WASTE: Decentralized Waste Management $5.000
Evidence-based Health Data for AI Longevity Apps $5.000
AGIX/ASI Payment Gateway for SaaS products $5.000
Learn with AI $5.000


Pool: Marketing initiatives Total final reward: $99,735
SingularityNET Africa Community $20.000
Africa Townhall: Igniting SingularityNET Adoption $10.000
Promote Deep Funding on the Cardano Summit $10.940
SingularityNET Asian Community $12.000
How to SingularityNet? (Course) $18.500
SingularityNet and Deep Funding: Indonesia Chapter $6.400
Translate Videos About SNET into Portuguese $5.000


Pool: Miscellaneous Total final reward: $128,000
A Trust and Reputation Framework for AIs $50.000
Intelligent Ocular Image Generation $50.000
Building an Exponential Tech Learning Community $28.000


Pool: New Projects Total final reward: $996,000
AI Song Starter: Innovate Music Creation $90.000
Real-Time Multi-Lingual SNET Transcription Tool $100.000
Integrate Twin Protocol into Incantio Platform $150.000
AI4M: Enhancing Malaria Predictability using AI $110.000
Zero-Knowledge Secure LLM $125.000
AI-Enhanced Neurotech for Mental Well-being $25.000
Bridging SNET AI Services To Unity Apps $150.000
Deep SYBIL: The Deep Learning Forecaster $96.000


Pool: RFP Design Total final reward: $69,000
SNET Machine Translation for Minority Languages $25.000
Reputation & Voting Weight System $25.000
Improved Reputation Sytem for Governance RFP $19.000

Here is the spreadsheet with the final results including all proposals.

Initiatives for Continuous Improvement

Each funding round offers valuable lessons that help us improve and evolve. We are committed to using the insights gained from Round 4 to support impactful projects better and enhance the overall experience for all participants.

To further refine our processes and enhance participant experiences, we are establishing a workgroup to discuss, ideate, and implement potential improvements for Deep Funding Round 5. This group will explore which aspects of the current process should be retained, altered, or removed. Details on how community members can join this workgroup will be provided shortly.

Commitment to Growth and Learning

Thank you to everyone involved in Deep Funding Round 4. Your active participation is crucial in shaping the future of AI through our decentralized platform. We eagerly anticipate your continued engagement in Round 5, as we strive to foster further innovation and collaboration.