Everything you need to know about the upcoming Deep Funding Test Round

Dear friends,

 > Update: the test Round is closed <

We are only a few weeks away from officially opening the doors to our Deep Funding Test Round!
While our Test Round is smaller in size than previous rounds, it is by no means less exciting. The main purpose and goal of having a Test Round is to launch our new proposal platform and thoroughly test it for functionality and user-friendliness ahead of Deep Funding Round 4. 

Our new platform has been completely re-designed over the past year, with all of your ideas, feedback, and input in mind that you submitted via email, our Town Halls, and Listening Sessions in 2023, and we want to take this moment to thank you because you truly helped us make significant improvements to it.

Currently, there are still two main features in development that we would like to include in the Test Round - one of them is the Request for Proposal (RFP) integration and the other feature is the L2 network for team members. Should there be a delay in the development and testing of these two features, the schedule may move back slightly, after all, we do want to get it right!

The Deep Funding team is excited to officially introduce the new platform to you, where proposers, reviewers, and users will be able to enjoy a completely new look and feel of the portal, as well as many newly added features that were requested by you. We are counting on you to thoroughly scout the new platform for any bugs and give us your final feedback and suggestions before we open the doors to our next full funding round. 

The new proposal platform is set to open for preparation of the proposals on January 22nd, 2024 and all proposals can be officially submitted to the public starting January 29th, 2024. You will have one full week to submit your proposals followed by a one-week stable period, and last but not least, one full week for voting. 

In this Test Round, there will be real rewards, in total over $150,000 in AGIX, that will be awarded to winning team members. Because this time we are working with shorter timelines, we will leave peer reviews and contribution rewards for Deep Funding Round 4.

How can you participate in the Test Round?

There is a short whitelisting process for this test round and only a small number of teams will be selected to participate. We are aiming for around ten proposals divided over the pools of ‘Ideation Phase Projects’ and ‘New Projects’ and additionally one or two RFPs. 

If you have an inspiring idea or project that you believe could add significant value to SingularityNET’s AI platform and marketplace, we would like to invite you to submit your proposal or invite others to submit theirs.

One last thing! Any team that participates but is not awarded is free to resubmit the same, or an adapted version of their proposal in Deep Funding Round 4. That means there is no risk involved for you! With that, we are looking forward to the submission of your exciting ideas and projects and are truly hoping that you will enjoy the new proposal platform.