Your Guide to Voting in Deep Funding Round 4: Best Practices

Your Guide to Voting in Deep Funding Round 4: Best Practices

Welcome to the guidelines for participating in Deep Funding Round 4. This guide will help you understand the importance of your vote, outline the different stages of the program, and provide clear instructions on how to vote effectively.

The Importance of Your Vote

Your vote in Deep Funding Round 4 is crucial. By participating, you contribute to shaping the future of AI through the SingularityNET platform. Your vote helps decide which innovative projects will receive funding, ensuring that the most promising ideas get the support they need to thrive.

Understanding the Process

Here’s a brief overview of the Deep Funding Round 4 process:

  1. Project Submission: Projects submitted their proposals, and 210 entries were received.
  2. Eligibility Check and Community Experts Recommendations: Out of the submissions, 192 proposals passed the eligibility check and were evaluated by community experts.
  3. Final Selection: The 192 eligible proposals are now shortlisted for the voting stage.

Best Practices for Voting

To make sure your vote has the maximum impact, consider these best practices:

Evaluating Proposals

  • Align with SingularityNET’s Mission: Ensure the proposals align with SingularityNET’s mission of democratizing AI, fostering ethical AI practices, and promoting innovation.
  • Use the Deep Funding Portal: Review the proposals on the Open Projects & Proposals page. Utilize filters to find proposals that are “Recommended” or come with presentations.
  • Consult Comments and Reports: Read the community comments and the curated recommendations by the decentralized Deep Funding Experts group. These can provide insights into which experts have positively evaluated proposals.
  • Watch Proposal Videos: Many proposals include video presentations. These videos can give you a deeper understanding of the projects and their objectives.
  • Ask Critical Questions: When reviewing proposals, consider:
    • How does this project support the decentralized AI platform?
    • Is the project aligned with SingularityNET’s mission?
    • Is the project’s scope realistic and clear?
    • Does the team have the necessary experience and capability?
    • Is the budget reasonable for the project’s goals?
  • Engage with Proposal Teams: Reach out to the proposal teams for more information if needed. You can do this through the proposal pages or on Deep Funding’s social media channels.

New Feature: Voting Help

We don’t believe you should be trying to vote on every proposal. To help you navigate the large number of submissions, we have created a spreadsheet that enables voters to filter and sort pools, budgets, expert reviews, and also proposals by categories. This makes it easier to review and vote, especially since there are 192 eligible proposals. Categories include Marketing Initiatives, Community RFPs, RFP Design, Miscellaneous, Ideation, and New Projects.

Auxiliary Materials to Base Your Vote On

To make an informed voting decision, utilize the following resources:

  • YouTube Channel: Visit the Deep Funding YouTube channel to watch pitch videos from proposers who participated in the 3-day Spotlight Day. These videos concisely overview each project’s goals, team, and potential impact. 
  • Community Experts Recommendations: Access reviews from community experts who have evaluated the proposals. These recommendations provide valuable insights and can guide you to the best projects to vote for.
  • Deep Funding Portal: Use the Projects & Proposals page on the Deep Funding Portal to review detailed proposal summaries, requested funding amounts, and additional materials provided by proposers.

Connecting Your Wallets

If you have multiple wallets containing AGIX tokens, you can connect them all for a seamless voting experience. Follow these steps:

  • Connect Your Wallets: Go to the voting portal and click on "Connect Wallets". Select the wallets you want to use. If you have created a collection of wallets, connecting one will automatically load the others.
  • Manage Your Wallets: Use the "Logout" button to disconnect your wallets from the browser. When you reconnect, your wallets will still be linked for voting purposes.

Voting Procedure

  • Access the Voting Portal: Visit the voting portal to begin.
  • Vote on Proposals: Proposals are divided into six pools: Marketing Initiatives, Community RFPs, RFP Design, Miscellaneous, Ideation, and New Projects. You can vote on any number of proposals within a pool. Once you sign and submit your votes for a pool, you cannot change them. Proceed to the next pool or log out and back in to continue voting.
  • Vote Conscientiously: Rank proposals on a scale of 1 to 10. Avoid strategic voting tactics, as they can affect your reputation rating and voting weight. Only vote on proposals you understand and have a clear opinion about.

Your Voting Weight

Your voting weight is influenced by the amount of AGIX in your wallets, your reputation rating, and the age of your wallets. Newly created wallets might have a lower voting weight. The balance of AGIX tokens in your wallets is fixed using a snapshot taken before the voting period starts.

Quadratic Voting: This system calculates the square root of each voter’s token balance, promoting a more balanced voting weight between small and large token holders.

Thank You for Participating!

Your participation in Deep Funding Round 4 helps drive the future of AI innovation within the SingularityNET ecosystem. Make sure your vote counts by supporting the projects you believe in.

For any issues or questions, please contact technical support at